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Business IT Support

Business IT support. Computers are the ultimate machine that holds all of your office’s important documents. Networking all of your computers to the server. This to save important documents as they are being made.

IT Business Support

We support the backup to cloud services for your company’s emails as well as storage needs. Including hosted exchange together with hosted SharePoint. Remote services can verify the data that was on your off-site back-up. The server also is the one place where your complete office can be backed up to an external off-site is best.  In case of fire or theft. Offers the best results for response time to restore your business. You will also take less recovery time for your business to be back up to full speed.

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Server Services

Hard-Drives installed in a server case are the ultimate secure place for your business data, for they have less of a chance to be hurt by any bouncing or skipping on the platters. To erase the data on the hard-drives. But it is not if a hard-drives will stop working or a patrician get corrupted when it comes to hard-drives. It’s like when a hard-drives stops working or the patrician gets corrupted.Business Hard drives for Business IT Support

Onsite Backup Hard-Drive Installation

Having a Mirrored hard-drive or automatic clone of your data. Like an exact duplicate of your data is ideal. Your computer generates a copy of a document. The computer generates 2 copies (mirrored), just the same. So when one falls, the other one will keep working until a replacement is installed.

Off-site Backup System

Raid Mirrored also drives off-site backup systems that are ideal for the ultimate secure setup. If anything happens, your data will be back-up in a matter of just a few hours. How long will this process take? The time depends on how much data has to be transferred.


Data Recovery

Lost data is no joke! But when you can quickly grab your back up of your data and restore it in a few hours, it is priceless. Ballard Computer is the go-to computer shop for all kinds of business solutions related to technology. With 20 years of experience, we will solve your Data issues, Computer or laptop issues, and you will be back to making money.


Ballard Computer Solutions will set up, install and maintain your 

Business VOIP Phone System, No Phone Leasing lots of benefits.


Business PhonesExecutive Business phone installation

Sales installs, and Maintenance, while your company saves money. Ask us how we can save your company money on their phone system. VOIP that runs on your existing computer system. We know computers and what your system can handle. File sharing, Data backups, Computer upgrades, We do it all, and we are very experienced. Since 1999 Local business right here in West Palm Beach. Call us for a free quick consultation.


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