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Business VOIP Phone System

 Voice & Data Systems

Ballard Computer Solutions will set up, install and maintain your 

Business VOIP Phone System, No Phone Leasing lots of benefits.


Business VOIP Phone System One network for phones and computers, printers, wireless devices. Phone service for multi-location businesses too.

VOIP business phone system & phone server!

The business’s VOIP system will serve one person or a hundred business phones. Any business can now save over old traditional phone system charges and Enjoy numerous benefits, extensions that forward to cell phones, emailed voicemail, & wireless headsets. Yes, call recording. Listen in on customers as well as the staff for training purposes, therefore, being more productive over your current phone system.

Run multiple locations with one phone system.conference Voip phone installation

Run multiple Businesses in the same location and phone system!


Business Phone System – VOIP

Save Money $$ Over The Phone Company ATT or Comcast / Xfinity!

Comcast / Xfinity, Time Warner, Verizon, and ATT provides phone solutions. Yes, they are competitive with the cost of a larger business phone. But they also make their money every phone extension, resulting in a high monthly phone bill.

You’ll find the charges by phone lease as well as extensions, are on average $40 a phone extension a month. Not too costly, but when there are 15 employees with extensions, that gets to be an expensive monthly bill. Then there is the need for additional services, call recording or voicemail. The average phone bill is $500 a month in the business. That’s the shocking truth.

VoIP Phone Systems – VOIP Network

Executive phone installation


 What is VOIP? (voice-over IP)

Definition. VOIP (voice over IP) is the transmission of multimedia and voice content using Internet Protocol (IP) networks. Historically referred to (PBXs) Private Branch Exchanges that is in present-day used interchangeably with IP technology.


Why is VOIP Right for Your Business?

Ballard sets up the system that grows with your business for future growth at an affordable price. We do not work for or sell cloud system providers. We set up a system that is perfect for your business phone needs. Whatever that system may be! Business Phone Service LIke you have never experienced before. Call us (561) 880-0110

Ready, But You Have Questions?

Ready, But You Have Questions?

We love to answer your questions about your computer and website problems, Call us!

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Business Phone Solutions

Here is How It Works

Most small businesses’ phone costs will be under $100 a month after the purchase of the phones and initial installation costs regardless of the number of Extensions!

Let’s talk about the current phone system. Get your free phone evaluation, also a free business consultation.

Ballard Computer will look at the whole network business infrastructure.  Examine the ethernet and wifi system.

  1. We will discuss the benefits of the phone, also their differences. You will be with the real world choices that are available, with better phone features. Most of the features are free or at a low cost. Most businesses will want a cloud phone system. We are not the software or hardware vendor, nor are we bias. So we explain the pros as well as the cons of each method. Install what is best for your company.
  2. We implement the new network if needed for phones, computers, copiers, printers, and wireless access points. No limits on the size of the building, we can get phones in every room.
  3. Our business has no business affiliation with these companies. Therefore, we can offer the right phone system for your business. Better phones, one ethernet network for phones, computers, etc.

Buyer Beware Leasing

Leasing a phone system is typical for phone companies. Then they charge more money on the features per phone. To rent a 60,000 car for 300 to 500 a month, that’s logical. But to borrow a $65.00 phone for $20 a month is NUTS! But we’re always coming across contracts in which are ten years old and are still leasing old phones which are worthless and are still paying monthly rental per telephone!!!

Ballard is about knowledge is power. You have business equipment that your company can grow with, while an economical and powerful business decision. 

Save your money! Breakaway from the phone companies. Get Business Class VOIP phone service!

Excellent Service, Lots of features, and Great Savings. Smail Office or Large office We can help you get started on a great system that saves you money compared to what your use to paying. 

Increased Productivity- Less Cost

Send and Receive SMS, MMS Texts through your Business Number

  • Accessibility
  • Flexibility and Scalability
  • Use Cellphones as extensions
  • Have your calls follow you
  • Mobility
  • Great Voice Quality
  • More Add-on Features
  • Features are Less Expensive
  • Data Integration

 With A Cloud Server in Wisconsin, your phone service is always UP. No server needed on site. Double protection for if hurricanes or power outages hit your business. “No missed calls” your phone system is up with phone server sending emails with voicemails wav files to your computer when the power comes on or if you relocate to another area with the power, you will still have the phone calls.

 Business phone installation

  • You can have all the VoIP Office Phones that are needed just for the price of the phones, no additional monthly fees as well as all the phone numbers to run your business.

Internet phones are VOIP phone service. Phone service the way you like it without paying for each office phone. Phone service the way you want, without paying for each phone you have every month. Let’s talk about the advantages.

 Future-proof your Business with added Technology and with additional savings!

We have business solutions. Call us to talk about your business & your phone system and how we can network by upgrading your cabling in your office, to bring fast delivery to the computer and phone commands.

 Business IT Support

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