CORONAVIRUS Help Find a Cure.

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CORONAVIRUS Help Find a Cure.

Ballard Computer is working around the clock processing on our computers to help tackle coronavirus. Helping scientists to these viral proteins work and how to design therapeutics to stop them. Viruses also have proteins that when in contact with a host will suppress our immune systems and reproduce themselves.    To better understand the coronavirus and how they work these powerful experimental methods to help determine the protein structure of the coronavirus. The proteins have a lot of moving parts so they want to see the protein in action. They are needing help to process the folding of the proteins. Looking for the structure they cant see experimentally may be the key to discovering a new therapeutic.    The computers are simulation to help them understand proteins moving parts. On how all the atoms in the protein effectively move to see all the moving parts even one’s you cant see. To simulate the big picture.  Watch this video to learn more   From the website: Our simulations captured a motion that creates a potentially druggable site in this Ebola protein. Instead of showing spheres for each atom, this cartoon shows a ribbon tracing the linear chain of amino acids (chemicals) the protein is made of. We want to do the same thing with coronavirus, and you can help! In fact, there are a number of ways you can help, and they’re not mutually exclusive.
  1. Downloading [email protected]me and helping us run simulations is the primary way to contribute. These calculations are enormous and every little bit helps! Each simulation you run is like buying a lottery ticket. The more tickets we buy, the better our chances of hitting the jackpot. Usually, your computer will never be idle, but we’ve had such an enthusiastic response to our COVID-19 work that you will see some intermittent downtime as we sprint to setup more simulations. Please be patient with us! There is a lot of valuable science to be done, and we’re getting it running as quickly as we can.
  2. If you don’t have computers to contribute or are feeling particularly generous, you can also make donations through Washington University in St. Louis. These funds are used for a number of purposes, including 1) supporting our software engineering and server-side hardware (particularly important right now as we scale up rapidly!) and 2) buying compounds to test experimentally based on insight from our simulations.
  3. Of course, please take precautions to help prevent the spread of the virus by washing your hands, social distancing, etc. Doing so helps sustain the medical system and buys scientists time to hunt for therapies.
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