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Computer Repair Jupiter Farms

No Geeks, No Nerds, Just Pro’s!

MAC and PC Repair

Monday to Friday 8 AM to 8 PM

Saturday 8 AM to 8 PM

Sunday 10 AM to 5 PM

(561) 880-0110


Computer Lab Repairs

Repairs in Computer Lab

(561) 880-0110

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Remote Repairs

Online Computer Repairs

Online remote computer repair Computer Repair Jupiter Farms

Call, We fix, Done! 

 We Come To You

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Data Recovery Service Jupiter Farms

  • Data Transfers
  • External Hard Drive Recovery
  • Hard Drive Recovery Service
  • Computer Maintenance
  • USB Drive Recovery

Data Back-Up and Data Transfers

Be ready for when your hard drives fail, and they all do eventually stop working. Dropping your computer or improper turning off your computer will cause your OS operating system to make a patch file where there may be corruption on your hard drive. These patches over time will slow down your computer and not start as fast as it was. Ballard Computer Solutions can help you test, recover your data then transfer data to a reliable device. If getting a new computer, we can transfer the old computer’s data to your new one.

Shut Down or Freezes

Computer Security

Keeping your data safe is everyone’s priority. Steps to take to secure your data with the latest version of antivirus. (the best  right now is windows 10)  Secure your network with the best configurations and optimize the signal strength to the router of your system. (done onsite)

Ballard Computer “Happiness Guarantee”

“No Data Recovered, No Charge. No, Kidding!”

No Deposit needed for your Free Diagnosis in our computer lab.

Computer Maintenance

To keep unwanted spyware, virus, or malware. If your computer is running slow, or missing files. It’s time for a Computer Tune-up. It’s essential to remove any virus from your computer before it gets embeds itself and starts to use all your hard drive storage. When full, it will begin to overwrite your data files.

Ready, But You Have Questions?

Computer Repair Jupiter Farms

Call Us for the answers.

We love to answer your questions about your computer problems, Call us!

Computer Repair Jupiter Farms

  • Cracked Macbook Pro Screen Repair
  • Laptop MAC Keyboard Repair
  • MacBook Computer Repairs
  • Apple Data Recovery
  • Slow Computer Repair Service

MAC Network Security

Network installation for your whole building for fast internet. If your computer on the internet is slow, one consideration is the cable that the data is using. Like a water hose, the bigger the hose opening, the more water flows faster. The same with the Cabled wiring in your home or business.

Network Installation Repair

Wireless Computer

Wireless router for all your Bluetooth technology devices. Wireless keyboards, Printers, mouse, etc. Installation of high-grade cable helps with the speed of your computer and will help the router to optimize the internet speed to your computer. 

MacBook Computer Repairs

We fix MacBook Pro laptops and iMAC desktops. Like cracked screens, Broken keyboard, motherboard repairs or replacements. Dc Jack for charging problems, Video Cards power supplies.

These types of restoration are in our computer lab in Palm Beach Gardens. Some repairs can be done on-site or by online computer repairs. Call us so we can talk about your computer problem.

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Computer Support and Services

  • PC and Mac Laptop Repairs

  • Slow Computer Repair

  • Keyboard Repair

  • Motherboard Repair

  • DC Jack Repairs

  • Computer OS Repair

  • Laptop Hinge Repair

Local Laptop Repair Shop

Computer Repair Jupiter Farms for any repair any problem. Bring or send to us for fast on day repairs if parts are in the computer lab. If not, typically repairs will be done as soon as the ordered computer part is received. 

Laptop Screen Repair

Computer Freezing Repairs

Operating System Errors can be the result of many things. Standard errors from lost files. Corrupted Hard drive, Motherboard failure. Or one of the computer parts is starting to fail. You need BCS Free Diagnosis to find out precisely what is wrong and the cost of the repair.

Common repairs for  Jupiter Farms

Laptop Repairs are notorious for broken screens and Keyboard keys popping off. Wireless WiFi was not working. Wired and  Wireless network problems. Laptop hinge repair or replacement.  Any repair any problem. Bring or send to us for fast on day repairs if parts are in the computer lab. If not, typically repairs will be done as soon as the computer part is received.

Jupiter Farms Computer Service

  • Computer Repair Shop
  • PC Repair Shop
  • Virus Repair Shop
  • Gaming Computer Repair Shop
  • Palm Beach PC Service Reviews
  • PC Keyboard Shop
  • Computer Keyboard Repair
  • PC Keyboard Shop

PC Repair Jupiter Farms

Common repairs for desktop computers. The slow computer might be from an unwanted virus, malware, or spyware. Also known as ransomware. If this is a symptom of your computer bring to us for a tune-up to remove the unwanted programs and speed up your computer.

Gaming Computer Repair Shop

Screaming fast custom built computers. Built for the customer’s needs. Gaming computer with lighting fast processor. Business custom made fast computers for daytime trades. Where time is money.

Network Security

Our IT support will optimize your network to keep your business or home safe, from an unwanted guest on your internet. We will set your router to the fastest signal and at the same time, secure the network WiFi and Router.

Computer Repair Jupiter Farms update your antivirus software on your computers.  Let BCS lock strangers our only you and your staff or family can get into your internet and your computer network.

Desktop Repair Shop Jupiter 

Jupiter Farms Computer Consultant

  • IT Consultant

  • Business Consultant Services

  • Technology Consultant Services

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

Business Consultant Services

We support and care about you and your business. We’re neighbors who want to see you succeed. With over 30+ years of helping companies, we have seen a lot and know what works. We want to share with you, so you don’t make the same mistakes.

Small Business Consultant

Computer Security

Ballard Computer Solutions specializes in Small Businesses. Support provides personable, responsive, and reliable technology. Saving your company time and costly mistakes are what we do. We give the solutions to business for your niche.  Attorney office, Doctors offices, and small businesses.

 The First Consultation is Free

IT Consultant Services

IT Consultant to save your time and money. With technology today, there is a lot to consider. Business what to not make a costly mistake. Setting your business up with the proper computers for your business with the right printers for your business. For example, Lawyers are set up different than an architect.

Computer Repair Jupiter Farms

FREE Diagnosis & Free Estimate,

NO Deposit Necessary!

Ballard Computer Solutions

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