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Computer Repair Royal Palm Beach

No Geeks, No Nerds, Just Pro’s!

MAC and PC

Monday to Friday 8 AM to 8 PM

Saturday 8 AM to 8 PM

Sunday 10 AM to 5 PM

(561) 880-0110


Local Computer Lab Repairs In Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Free Diagnosis Repairs in Computer Lab

Computer Repair Royal Palm Beach

(561) 880-0110

Call For Directions 

Remote Repairs

Online Computer Repairs

Online remote computer repair Computer Repair Royal Palm Beach

Call, We fix, Done! 

 We Come To You

(561) 880-0110

Make an Appointment.

Data Recovery Service

  • Private Hard Drive Recovery

  • External Hard Drive Recovery

  • Fast Data Recovery

  •  Emergency Data Recovery

 Local Data Recovery

Data will be done in-house at the Computer Lab right here in Palm Beach Gardens. Data usually test takes from 2 hours to overnight. Just depends on the amount of data you have.  

Data Backup Repair

Pre-pair for a disaster of the loss of your data. Before you lose your data. Hardware is not made to last forever. So at some time in the future your hard drive, external hard drive, flash drive, and USB drive they all fail. 

Lost Dara, So what to do?

BCS will set up your data to automatically back up to a safe place like a cloud server. After your full data is backed up. Retrieving your data to get you back up and running after disaster hits. Like theft, fire or flood.

USB Drive Recovery

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Ready, But You Have Questions?

Computer Repair Royal Palm Beach

Call Us for the answers.

We love to answer your questions about your computer problems, Call us!

Computer Support and Services

Computer Freezing Repairs

Computer Repair Royal Palm Beach gets computer OS repairs, testing the computer to see if there is hardware failure to your computer. Free diagnosis to completely test it out. 

MAC Computer Security

Locking down your internet and computer to unwanted visitors is a widespread request. We will lock down your router. Keeping all the cabled and wireless internet access secure with an encrypted password.

You are making your home or business secure.

BCS can boost the signal to go into any room in your office, home, or backyard. You are installing antivirus on every computer. And, set machines to automatically back up. All your data to a secure place of your choice.

Laptop Common Repairs

Computer Service Royal Palm Beach

  • Computer Keyboard Repair

  • Computer Freezing Repairs

  • Laptop Repair PC

  • Virus Repair Shop

Security Network

Gaming Computer Repair Shop

Screaming Fast custom built computers. Gaming with the fast i9 processor, multi hard drives, Multi-Colored lights on memory.

Water Cooled Computer

The case wrapped in fans, and Water-cooled. Day trader custom built a computer for when the time is money and speed is needed to buy or sell your stocks.


Remote Computer Repair Palm Beach

Online remotely link both the customer’s computer to the computer lab computer.

  • New Computer Setup
    Hardware Driver Configuration
    Scanner Installations
    Router Configuration
    Printer Installations
    Computer Training
    Remove Website Redirection
    Junk Program Removal
    Repair Hard Drive Corruptions
    Software installs and updates
    Operating System Updates

Simple repairs and update programs. Here is a sample of repairs that redone remotely:

Computer Consultant

  • IT Consultant

  • Business Consultant Services

  • Small Business Consultant

  • Technology Consultant Services

  • IT Consultant Services

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

Business Phone System

The first consultation is Free. Call us today!

Business Consultant Services

Delivering sound advice to technology today and share how you can achieve your business goals.

Suggest as much automation as possible to help with your bottom line of profit. Technology that is needed today to be able to grow with your business.

We will be there every step of the way helping you with your growing pains.

We design a computer system that grows with your business. Sound advice that is affordable. We know programs, computer systems and most importantly will help you with knowing the right technology system that is good for yours. 

We’re Here To Help!

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Computer Lab

8762 Burma Rd #1,

Palm Beach Gardens,

FL 33403, USA


M-F: 8am -- 8pm
Sat: 8am -- 8pm

Sun: 10am -- 5pm

Call Us

(561) 880-0110

Always Free Diagnostics at our Computer Lab!  Since 1999

FREE Diagnosis & Free Estimate,

NO Deposit Necessary!

Contact Us

Happiness Guaranteed

Ballard Computer Solutions

8762 Burma Rd
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33403

Website: http:ballardcomputer.com

[email protected]


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