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Computer Repair Service

Computer Repair Service.  Computer Repair Shop In Palm Beach Gardens, Ballard Computer repairs all brands of computers including MAC and PC Brands. As well as all brands of Mac and PC Computers that need repairs.  

Servers for businesses, Desktop repairs, Workstations repairs, Desktop repairs, or Laptop. Experience! BCS loves to make slow computers new again. Come to see why our customers have kept us in business with referrals to their family and friends. Any Brand – Any Problem. 

We can assist you online, Onsite, or in our computer lab.

Ballard Computer Solutions Since 1999!

Thank you to our loyal clients we are proud to serve our community with Computer Repair.

PC Repair and Apple – MAC- iMac -MacBook Pro Computer Repair Service

“Satisfaction Guaranteed!”

Yes, we do not charge for estimates or collect a deposit. Our Computer repair technicians will look at your computer. Then give you a free quote of how much it will take to bring your computer to like new again. If it is time for a new computer, we will let you know it is time.

Mac and Windows Clone Computer Service.

Computer Repair Mac and PC.  Apple VS Windows everyone has a preference.  BCS repairs both Mac and PC’s. Upgrades that speed up a slow computer. Fresh installs of the operating system will bring an old PC or Mac computer back to new again. 

MAC Computer Repair Service – Apple Computer Repair

MAC Computer – Your Macbook Repair shop. We repair all brands of MAC computers. Including a cracked screen, Black screen, Water spilled on the keyboard, and now there is damage to your computer.

We can fix everything that broken on your MAC computer. You can expect a quick turn around time.

Broken DC Jack Repair? Repairs To Get You Back to Work,

Desktop, Laptop, MacBook, IMac Computer repairs. DC Jack, Broken Screens, or keyboards. Computer data missing,

The computer will not hold a charge. Broken Hinges, Cracked case. Spilled liquid on your computer. The computer is hot and shuts off.

All Brands of Computers Repaired. We fix all computer problems.

MSI Laptop Brand Repairs

Toshiba Repairs

 Acer Repairs

ASUS Repairs

Lenovo Repairs

Samsung Repairs

Dell Repairs

Fix Mac Computers

Custom Built Computers Dual Mac and PC together in one machine.

HP Repairs and many more brands

MAC Computers

Ballard Computer Repairs All models of MAC Computer repair. All MacBooks, Repairs on Motherboards, Keyboards, Broken or Cracked Screen. A computer is running slow, Virus detection and Virus removal. Including MacBooks and iMac products. 

Apple Laptop Repairs

MAC Laptops are durable, and the software will get corrupted over time. If you drop your laptop some files might get damaged, but the software might be able to fix itself with a batch on the hard drive, but over time the system will start to slow with several patches to fix the error. Here are a few other of our favorite MAC products:

MAC Desktop Repair

iMac Repair

Macbooks Solutions

Cost-Effective Solutions for your home or office.

Computer Repair

Computer Repair. by Experienced Technicians. We will fix your computer here in our Palm Beach Gardens computer workshop. Laptops, Desktops, Workstations, Servers, and Gaming PC stations. We love computers and we know we can help you with your computer problems or technology in your business. Call us we are friendly and want to help our neighbors. 

Local Computer Repair

All work is done locally, right here in our Computer Lab in Palm Beach Gardens. Often on the same day or depending on the intense diagnostic testing needed. Sometimes we need to keep your computer overnight.

ON Site and Remote Computer Repairs

Call us if your computer repair is simple. We can usually fix your computer through a remote process. We send you to our site and then you insert the code we give to you and our computers are linked so we can see your computer and you watch us fix your computer. It’s that easy!

On-Site or Home Computer Repairs.

We will fix your computer of any brand, Any problem. Set up the new computer, Link your network to your computer and printer and scanner etc. Router set up for networking your whole house or office.

You can call on the experienced and cost-effective solutions. We know our computers and computer parts. We know we can save you time and money. Call us and let us know what your goals are and what you need to do. We can make it happen for you.

Data Recovery Services 

Ready, But You Have Questions?

Ready, But You Have Questions?

We love to answer your questions about your computer problems, Call us!

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Custom Built Computers for Fast Efficient File Storage in One Place

Office file sharing to work at the same time and have one place to back your data for storage in a safe place. You need a fast computer with a fast processor to retrieve or save a file fast.

Virus, Spyware, Malware Removal. Data recovery, Wired and Wireless Network, Configuration computer, printer, and routers. Want the best of Mac and PC we can build you a system that has both operating systems. PC Repair in West Palm Beach All Makes and Models of MAC and Windows Computer Repair. Computer Repair Service with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. New Computer Setup and Configuration   Set up the printers or a backup data storage, configure the printers. In the office or home to all share one printer or multiple printers. endless possibilities to setups and configuration. Printer Setup and Sharing   Office shares files to work on them as a team or to save for the business to be able to refer to the document in the future. Speed Enhancements Upgrades Adding more memory or a solid state hard drive to your system as well as a fresh install of your operating system will speed up your computer system. There are many more suggestions. ask us how. Ballard computer Custom Built computer Fast and water-cooled

Kind of blows your mind. Right? Yes- We can also build you a custom computer with both Mac and PC Operating Systems. Switch between the two for the ultimate computing experience. 

Computer- Fast Water Cooled Screaming Fast –

Are you a gamer? In need of an upgrade or a newly built to your specifications? We can build a water-cooled system that can take anything you have to get a fast response when you need it. Look at the I9 that was built this past spring for a customer.

Custom Computer Repair

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