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Network Cabling Installations

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Network Data Cabling & Wireless Network (WIFI) Installation

Since 1999 Ballard Computer Solutions have provided local companies in Palm Beach and surrounding towns with everything needed for network cabling, wireless installation and telephone, and voice cabling. We understand that your network cabling is the backbone of your company. Today’s networks are needed to transmit extraordinary amounts of information at an increasing rate. Proper installation is now more crucial than ever to meet the higher traffic demands.

Ballard Computer Solutions can help you determine what’s the best way to structure your business network/phone, taking into considerations of future expansion and diversification. We’re licensed and insured and our years of expertise are focused on assisting our clients in incorporating all their data, voice and wireless devices into an optimized network efficacy for effective deployment and utilization of their business applications and resources.

Our pipes of computer networks are complete from support to gear…this contains the patch panels, cable, and the jacks. Besides, we provide and install open racks, server racks, cable sleeves, and cable ladders for server rooms and wiring closets. Our cabling services include:

  •    The computer system (voice/data)
  •    Cabling installation (Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat6a, Cat 7)
  •    Network cable repair
  •    Voice cabling and  VoIP installation
  •    Cable structure and management
  •    Server rack installation and wiring
  •    Server rooms and wiring closets
  •    Computer network cabling installation
  •    Cabling to expand a current network
  •    Jack Panel wiring
  •    Phone System installation
  •    Wireless services
  •    Installing wireless into an existing network
  •    Establishing a new wireless network
  •    Synchronize wireless apparatus to utilize the wireless network
  •    Wireless hot spots hubs
  •    Wireless printers
  •    Access Points
  •    Wireless cameras
  •    Wireless range extenders

Structured Cabling VS Point to Point Cabling

With Structured Cabling, you get the flexibility to adapt moves, adds, and changes consequently maximizing availability and performance and redundancy. Point to Point functions on principle of installing as required without a structured system. Point to Point cabling, on the other hand, is a cabling system that connects one end of communicating with others. To make It simple, its a cabling system which connects one switch, server or storage unit right into another switch, server or storage device.

Point-to-point cabling process is an ideal solution for a small setup or less quantity of relations. However, companies with high numbers of users should go with Structured Cabling. Network Cable requires an odd number of careful preparation and execution, and therefore Structured Cabling is always advised over Point to Point Cabling.

Structured cabling is a proposed cabling system that methodically set your fundamental communications mediums including voice, data, video, multimedia, security, and control for today and the future — wanting to update your office, for a faster infrastructure? Or, If you’re planning to relocate to a different office, we can help you backup your business’s critical data and email together with your IT infrastructure.

We Create Fully Structured Cabling Systems So Your Business Is Flexible and Ready For Future Growth.

With Structured Cabling, you get the flexibility to adapt moves, adds and changes consequently maximizing availability and performance and redundancy. 

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What We Do

Computer system (voice/data)

Network  that grows with your business in consequently maximizing availability and performance and redundancy. 

Structured Cabling

Enhance the performance of your efficient network that delivers constant, more reliable performance.

Phone System Installation

Cabling infrastructure to match your company’s needs today and tomorrow that saves time and money.

Phone System Installation

Increased Productivity,  Less Cost. Send and Receive SMS, MMS Texts through your Business Number. Run multiple locations with one phone system. Use Cellphones as extensions. 

Installing Wireless into Existing Network

Wired or Wireless networks working together to give the user the best experience. Large businesses or homes, no problem for Ballard Computer.

Network Security

Software and hardware Technologies effectively manages the network security and stops treats from entering and spreading on your network.

Ready, But You Have Questions?

Ready, But You Have Questions?

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