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Networking Wired and WirelessNetworking Wired & Wireless, Network your business and home for fast internet

 Networking Wired and wireless MAC and PC Computer Network Solutions. network security to lock your network to neighbors, and unwanted guest that can possibly use your internet connections to do illegal things. Firewall installed and configuration of router settings will give the fastest speed while keeping your internet safe.

Networking Wired & Wireless Services Professional offices or homes Large Homes or Bussiness offices Networked for Wired and Wireless needs of the individual workspace. Wired network for fast file transfers, VOIP, etc. and wireless for Printers, scanners, and Bluetooth devices. Your office staff can save documents on one computer. Offen called the server at work or one computer at home. The cabled network is faster and more reliable, but the wireless network has advantages like hard to wire areas like a laptop or tablet — areas like a break room or outdoor space.

Computers Network Solutions.

Large Homes Networking & Routers

The large home is not a problem anymore. We will install a wireless, or wired network for you to enhance speed and security. If you need multiple computers and peripherals connections in your business, we can set up a wireless cable router, switches as wireless products. Extending the bandwidth to large homes and businesses. As well as other dial-up internet connections. This network is the easiest, and you may also add printers and other devices to the network.

Commercial Network Security

Have a large home or business with a poor internet connection in part of your house or yard? We can install additional devices to bust the internet signal in your home or business. Our team will also ensure a secure connection to protect your commercial network from people who may want to hitchhike it. You can contact us now if you need a wireless network at home or business. 561- 880-0110

IT Network Support

Our support offers on-site and remote services. Their experience, knowledge, affordability and friendly interactions speak for them. We provide 24/7 services to solve your issue at any time you need us. We believe in a fast turnaround with a high success rate. You will want to come back to us with our competitive pricing to save your money on quality service.

Computer Network Solutions

will help simplify the ease of getting the data you need. Retrieve data from a workstation, Server, Laptop, or Tablet. Save data from a computer that has all your important information. Allow for employees or other family members to view. But secure it to keep others out. Save data or print from your business, another room, another side of the house or by outside pool. Network Wired is the linking of communication media through an electrical cable. Power-line communication, or optical fiber, and radio waves are known as Wired technologies.

Network Wireless is known as the terrestrial microwave. Transmitters and receivers resembling satellite dishes. Communication Satellites and Cellular and PCS systems technology used through routers. A router is an inter-networking device that uses telephone and Ethernet cable connections.

Cabled and Wireless Network Security System


Management of the network for hardware structured cabled system. Implementing the management strategy of the Cabled and wireless network. Hardware and Software lock out any unwanted visitors that threaten the integrity of your data. Wireless network for non-cabled areas like backyards.
  • Mac and PC Wired or Wireless Install or Repair
  • Printer Setup and Sharing
  • Router Repair, Setup, and Configuration
  • Backup System Install or Repair
  • Firewall or Security System
  • Inter-Office Instant Messaging
  • Paperless Office – all Documentation,
  • Email account Set-up and Repair.
  • Internet Set-up and Repair
  • Security Firewall’s 

Network Cabling Installations

Ballard Computer Reviews Networking Wired and Wireless


  • Great service! Genuine support. Honest opinion. Keep up the good work!

  • Honest, efficient and super quick!

  • Great service, very nice people, great price. Thank you!

  • Fantastic service! Trustworthy, efficient, highly recommended. Great people to work with. Thank You guys.

  • David FiessingerDavid FiessingerGreat work.. thanks

    Great work.. thanks

  • Spectacular Service, very professionally while still remaining extremely helpful and friendly. Would recommend to anyone for computer related needs and will most definitely be returning if I ever need anything else!!!!

  • Fast, high quality and affordable computer service is hard to come by nowadays that's why Rusty is my "go-to" guy. He was very accomodating, kept me up to date every step of the way rebuilding my "totaled" laptop that was done in by a drop while rushing out of TSA security to my flight.

  • natalie sophie b fournellnatalie sophie b fournellGREAT SERVICE , GOOD COMMUNICATION


  • roberto rivaroberto rivaFast and precise

    Fast and precise

  • Got my computer running great. He found the issue after a drop fixed it for alot less than it would have been if I was stuck buying and switching parts to find the issue. If you have an issue, go here first.

  • We came to Rusty in need of help following flood damage to a laptop. He was able to rescue all data and sort out a new back-up hard-drive and load up a new laptop for us. He and Darlene were so friendly and helpful, and were a pleasure to deal with. I have no hesitation in fully recommending Ballard Computer Solutions to anyone who may need their assistance.

  • Best Computer Repair in Palm Beach County! Have had Professional & Gaming Laptops Repaired by Ballard and I am Extremely Satisfied!


  • I came home from vacation rarin' to get back to work and BAM. My computer wouldn't turn on. Nothing. Dead. It was a Sunday and I searched "computer repair near me" on my phone, knowing that no place would be open on a Sunday but I figured I'd find a place and go first thing Monday morning. That's when I found Ballard Computer Solutions. I checked the reviews on Google and FB and they were all excellent. But the best part - I called at noon on SUNDAY and an actual human picked up the phone. 🙂 It was Rusty. He said, "sure come on over today." I dropped it off at 2pm and the next morning he told me the problem(s) and I gave him the go-ahead. He had it all ready for me on Tuesday with a brand new switch, a brand new 1TB hard drive, everything cleaned up and defragged and all my files neatly organized. I've been in PB County almost 40 years. FINALLY, I've found "my computer guy".

  • Rusty quickly diagnosed and fixed the problem on my Mac. Very professional and knowledgeable. You can trust your computers with this guy 👍

  • Great Company great people

  • Rusty is extremely knowledgeable, professional and patient - answering all my questions. I’ve been a client for years and highly recommend his services. I would not think of taking my computers to anyone else!

  • Brought in a computer that I was told by a few friends was a dead potato. Rusty diagnosed the problem and got it working again somehow. This laptop literally wouldn’t power on and he figured out the issue! I’m amazed. Will recommend all my friends come here with their computer problems. Thank you Rusty! Now I can get back to my gaming!!

  • great prices, fast service, both of them very helpful. A truly happy experience. Don Klar

  • f I could give 10 stars to Rusty at Ballard Computer Solutions, I would. My iMac is only about 3 years old and it had tons of storage left. But it ran so darn slow. I tried everything. I bought cleaning apps and tried every fix out there. I recently upped my internet speeds to 1G and was only getting 185mbps with an ethernet cable! Grrrr. Yesterday, before I threw it in the trash and bought a new one, I googled for repair help in the area. I found Ballard, read the reviews and made the call. On a Saturday at's now Sunday at 3pm. In 24 hours over a weekend Rusty fixed my computer and it is as fast as lightning now! My internet speeds are a whopping 905mbps. It now moves between programs faster than I can think. Don't go anywhere else. This man is AMAZING, professional, courteous, and spot on with his estimated completion times.

  • The service is exceptional and the staff is exceedingly friendly.

  • You simply cannot go wrong bringing your computer problems to Rusty Ballard. He is honest, talented, very patient and helpful as well as reasonable. I was scared to death trying to find a trustworthy and competent place to fix my computers...Ballard is the place!

  • First of all Rusty and his wife are awesome!!
    Brought my laptop to Rusty, he is honest and does an awesome job. He was able to figure out my issues. He even Let me use his WiFi USB adapter while a WiFi adapter he ordered come in. He is good, fair price, and I will use him again for my computer concernsI won’t let Best Buy touch my laptop I only trust him. I recommend him for any computer services you need.

  • I was Stuck in a pinch with my computer and found Ballard online. I'm so glad i did, Rust was there to help me day and NIGHT! He even got to me on a Sunday. His prices are far and he's good at what he does. It's the only place I will use from now on.

  • Rusty has great hours and works hard to get you up and running...Had my computer up and running within 24 hours...worked for two days to recover data...could not retrieve and did not charge me anything...then he boxed the hard drive and gave me the company that could retrieve the info...

  • I'm pleased to leave a review, which is something I typically don't do. But seeing a professionalism and competence in one's work compels me to write a reference and only hope that it helps others in recruiting the right help.
    Rusty was prompt at communicating over the phone and seeing us on short notice on Saturday. He was quick and accurate at guessing the cause of the problem, which had to do with BIOS at startup. I got my LENOVO laptop back the same day. The problem was identified in the matter of an hour when online tech team was not able to troubleshoot and suggested seeing external help on this issue.

    Key Highlights:
    1. Answered the phone right away and worked on Saturday.
    2. Demonstrated knowledge and skill in the line of work by making an accurate assessment of the problem, which was quickly corrected.
    3. It was a software issue and no hardware repairs were made.

  • Speedy service, fair charges, pleasant husband and wife team, great follow up. I will be going back when i need help.

  • Very nice, helpful, and professional. Love all the feedback they constantly give which is perfect for folks who need to get their computing power back up and running quickly. Prices seem reasonable too.

  • Thankyou Ballard Computer Solutions for bringing us back on track it was a great experience to meet you Without any stretch of the imagination you are a great problem solver Thankyou for the extra time you spent with me giving me the knowledge and solving the problems with my computer I’m very very grateful for the service and kindness that you had shown me I’ll definitely recommend you to my friends family and anyone who need your services

  • Rusty and his wife are wonderful people. I was given great instructions on what to do with my computer before bringing it in. I brought it in with a dead backup harddrive the next morning on Saturday and had it back repaired and working like a champ on Sunday after church. I will never use anyone else. They have a customer for life.

  • My screen had been broken for a few months so I decided to finally get it fixed. I found Mr. Rusty Ballard and thought I'd give him a try because he had such great reviews and boy oh boy were they right! I dropped my computer off after work one evening and my computer was fixed by 10, 11-ish the following morning. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. My computer works like new and I have had no issues. Did I mention he was very nice and professional.. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that needs their computer repaired. Super fast, efficient, and professional! I give him 10 stars...Thanks again Mr. Rusty!

  • OMG, LIFESAVING SERVICE!!! So grateful for REAL expertise and NOW, total peace of mind as regards all my computer related issues!!! Fast diagnostics, FAIR pricing and HUGE TRUST Factor!!! Am "Breaking Up" with my old pal "REMOTE Tech" Babu in New Delhi haha as will be a BALLARD Computer Solutions customer for life! HIGHLY Recommend!!

  • Thanks Rusty. My laptop is now working like a well oiled machine. It's moving much faster than before. Bollard is really about solutions.

  • I highly recommend Ballard Computer Solutions. Several months ago, my computer software was completely done. Rusty was able to recover all of my documents and went above and beyond my expectations. For my first time coming to them I was really impressed by their honesty and excellence in service. I do not do reviews for anyone, but for this company I had too! If you're looking for quality, knowledgeable, and sincere computer repair, check out Ballard Computer Solutions. No strings attached, no hassle, just a sincere company that care for their customers!

  • A glass of water INTO my laptop the Saturday before Christmas. I called Rusty and took it right over. He is kind, knowledgable and reasonable. I felt totally confident he could do the job ---- and he did!! He did everything needed to be sure my computer is working perfectly!!! Thank you Rusty!! You are my go-to-man from now on!!!

  • After my desktop Mac crashed, Rusty recovered all my data and installed a new solid state hard drive. Now it runs better than when new. Was so pleased with the price and service I fished an old Mac Pro lap top out of a draw where it had been left for dead a few years ago and took that to him also. He replaced the battery and installed a later version OS on a new SS hard drive for $150. Now the Mac works better than when I bought it new for over a $1000! Thanks Rusty

  • Now it runs better than when new. Was so pleased with the price and service I fished an old Mac Pro lap top out of a draw where it had been left for dead a few years ago and took that to him also. He replaced the battery and installed a later version OS on a new SS hard drive for $150. Now the Mac works better than when I bought it new for over a $1000! Thanks Rusty

  • Great customer service and knowledgeable techs! I am not very computer and tech-savvy and they were able to repair my computer and explain to me on terms that I understood! I was able to get the same day appoint and a quick turnaround on my computer repair! I am a small business owner and my computer is vital to my business. They completely understood my needs! A++ customer service! I will continue to call on them for any and all of my computer needs!

  • So happy with this company! I brought my computer in yesterday and it was fixed within 24 hours. Thank you again!

  • 34792661 10216516209359933 5323022861382713344 n Networking Wired and Wireless

    Great job on my computer! Rusty and his wife are awesome. Thanks for getting my laptop fixed quickly and efficiently. I Would recommend to anyone.


  • 26731329 10211042596323610 3164049721200789020 n Networking Wired and Wireless

    Ballard Computer Customer Reviews

    Quick response, great customer service. Highly Recommend using Ballard for all your computer repair/service needs. fFrom Facebook

  • 36223217 10215712411660007 4902899180646694912 n Networking Wired and Wireless

    So happy with this company! I brought my computer in yesterday and it was fixed within 24 hours. Thank you again!

  • Arthur HoffmanArthur HoffmanArthur Hoffman

    Customer Reviews about Ballard Computer Solutions

  • Always helpful. Highly recommended.
  • Most honest reliable company!! I will always refer them. Thank you.
  • I had Ballard Computer & SEO Solution to work on the ranking on my business website and they were able to get it on page 1 on Google within 3 weeks. I am very happy with their work.

  •  All I can say, They have provided me with awesome service and reasonable price.
    I had a very stressful problem and they fixed the problem on short notice. He was honest and I would highly recommend them.
  •   I want you to know that I was very pleased with the quality of service Ballard Computers provided when my computer crashed recently because of a virus. Thank you for responding to me so quickly and for the reasonable price. I will be happy to recommend your company to others.

  • Excellent. Honest. Helpful. Knowledgeable. Knew about RAID Systems and the latest Gaming Laptops such as MSI's GT72 Dominator Pro with 8 Gigs of GTX 980 Graphics...also reliable and offers good prices. Go see Ballard before you see others as he is able to fix what others can't. (No Kidding!)
  • Christopher AdamsChristopher AdamsThe guy knows his stuff,

    Ballard Computer & SEO Solutions just replaced my 6 year old hard drive and added an external. Thay was able to save all my old files as well. I did not want to buy a new PC because I need my old files. The guy knows his stuff, very reasonably priced, and it's way less expensive than buying a new PC. I recommend you see him if you have a computer issue.

  •  Ballard fixed my computer where others had failed. The service was fast and friendly. I recommended the service to my father-in-law and son who also had a similarly satisfying experience.
  • Patricia AntolikPatricia AntolikWonderful!

    Wonderful! I called Rusty on Thursday and dropped my computer off at his office.I had it back by Saturday; fixed and working like new and at a very reasonable price. I will return to Rusty if I have any issues in the future with my apple computer.

  •  Ballard Computer Solutions are the greatest. Fast and Efficient service. I have known Rusty Ballard for years and his service is always first rate.

  • Rusty, you saved my computer and my marriage! The only service you will ever need for computer problems.
    It is always a pleasure doing business with you!! Thanks again!!

  •    Terrific service, fast, efficient and well priced.

  • Willi AckermanWilli AckermanAwesome service!

    Very friendly and helpful. Awesome service!

  • I love, love, love this company. My computer has never run more beautifully. Everything that I asked for was done in a very short period of time and the new changes were explained to me thoroughly so that I was able to turn on my computer and it looked like "old" home week and I could carry on without any questions or problems. Rusty and his staff are definitely my "go to" people for any computer problems in the future.

  • I called Ballard computer repair after geek squad said it would cost me $299.99 to install a sshd drive in my laptop and the windows ten operating system. I dropped my laptop off at 7 o'clock that night to Rusty and it was ready before 12pm the next day. It only cost 100 bucks. Awesome service awesome people. NO GEEKS OR NERDS JUST PROS!

  • Friendly and quick service. Would definitely recommend them.
  • Rusty and his lovely wife Darlene have taken care of my personal and business computers for YEARS and I couldn't even imagine trusting anyone else with this task. A++ service every time!
  • I've been using Ballard Computer Solution for years. Rusty Ballard has seen me through my "ancient" desktop to my current laptop. He has been generous of his time; of his patience with my "all thumbs" understanding of computers; of his exceptional range of expertise - and all at modest charges. .... Whenever we've had a meeting, a phone conversation, or an exchange of e-mails, Rusty has reminded me to let him know if I have any additional questions. .... He and Darlene could teach classes in true customer service.

  • I have been using Ballard Computer Solutions for over 9 years to service all of my PC needs. Every experience is met with over-the-top service, speed when I need it, convenience and more than I asked for at a very reasonable price! Even via email when I was in a bind, I received helpful advice - at no charge.

    Although I am living on the west coast of Florida presently, I will make every effort to return to visit friends and family whenever I next need computer repair, advice or assistance in any way.

  • Great service! Genuine support. Honest opinion. Keep up the good work!

  • Best computer experience I have ever had, helped me out so fast. Super awesome guy who cares and not jus after your money. It's hard to find ppl like this gent I will be using him for all my future computer problems. Treats you like a human and not a price tag! Can't say enough positive things about him. Worth your time to check him out..

  • If you want someone that will take the time to understand your problem, offer options for a solution and follow through to make certain you are happy with the service provided - call Ballard

  • Ballard Computer Customer Reviews

    Honest and Fast!!! New to the area and found Ballard right here in google & took a chance. My Best experience ever with computer repairs/upgrades!!!!!!

  • Don't have a warranty on your mac/pc anymore? Rusty is the man you need to see. My protection plan expired on my mac and I needed to find someone knowledgeable, and affordable to work on it. I found Ballard Solutions online and he's got perfect reviews for a reason. He's been doing this for years; definitely not a fly by night shop. Thanks Rusty! You earned a lifetime customer!

  • Fast fair and honest. Great experience. Glad I went off the previous Google reviews they were right
  • Paparone HomesPaparone HomesOUTSTANDING!

    I am so thankful to have met Rusty Ballard! He is so knowledgeable, and helpful. His office is located nearby, so it is very convenient to drop off equipment for him to diagnose and service.
    He gave a thorough diagnose, a detailed estimate for the repair, and an accurate finished by date.
    He did great work, on time and at a reasonable cost. Plus he is a nice guy!

  • Rusty did a phenomenal job getting my computer issues diagnosed in a timely matter and performed repairs quickly and at a fair price! Go to Ballard over Geek Squad any day!

  • Great place!
    The office is located in his house however don't let this turn you off. The owner and his wife are super friendly and were able to repair my computer quickly and efficiently. I Cannot say enough good things about this computer repair shop. Thanks again!

  • i recently started using Mr. Ballard as my computer tech and in my business security is essential, my experience with Ballard Computer
    was excellent, they were courteous on time and did exactly as promised.
    Rusty explains what he is going to do and does a great job,he is by far
    the best computer tech I have ever used and his prices are totally reasonable.I am an Investigator and use my computer extensively
    and I wouldn't want anyone other than Rusty to work on my computers.

  • Fast work under the circumstances of multiple issues with my desktop.

  • Very helpful and friendly service. My Laptop is like brand new. I will use them again!

  • Quick response, great customer service. Highly Recommend using Ballard for all your computer repair/service needs.

  •  Helped try and save my laptop. If they can't fix it, you don't charge. Very nice people. Will use them again.

  •  Highly recommend Rusty - was able to fix my MacBook after it had water damage on it and saved me so much money compared to what the Apple Store quoted me. Will definitely recommend Rusty to everyone I know!

  • John MassingaleJohn MassingaleFirst class service.

    Rusty at Ballard Computer Solutions is excellent. First class service.

  • Didn't stop by for a repair but for a recommendation for the best desktop that would suit my needs. Rusty was more than happy to help me decide on that. Emailed him with what I found and he quickly replied back with confirmation. Thank you.

  • I echo the other 5 star reviews for Ballard Computer Solutions. Rusty and his wife Darlene are wonderful to work with. i.e. very caring people that put me at ease with my computer issue. Rusty assessed the damage and gave me an honest opinion. I needed a new laptop. He was, however, able to save all my data, for which I am very grateful to him. When I brought him my new laptop, he promptly copied it over to my new device. All this was done quickly and at a very reasonable price. I recommend them. Definitely much better than Geek Squad!

  • Wonderful service at a fair price. Took my computer to Rusty on a weekend and it was fixed within a couple of days. Definitely 5 stars!

  • Michael GalantiMichael GalantiThey quoted me substantially less than all other businesses for my screen replacement

    I was very glad to find the Ballards' company. They quoted me substantially less than all other businesses for my screen replacement and then were able to do it in the same day. Very friendly folks. Couldn't have asked for anything better!

  • I had an excellent experience with Ballard Computer Solutions. Rusty was prompt with fixing my PC's issue and then was patient and helpful as he worked to assist me toward getting my applications up and running. I found the price also very reasonable. His location is hard to find but don't give up! You'll be pleased if you don't.

  • It was our first contact. We took two sad laptops to Ballard Computer Service and both returned happy and healthy. My wife Carole and I feel blessed to have been directed to Rusty and Darlene. They are talented pros and genuinely good people. From the first contact to completed service the Ballard Computer folks surpassed expectations.

  • After going to a large, nationwide, name brand store and standing in their line for 20 minutes only to find they only take appointments I searched for a repair place near my house. Found Rusty and his wife (No appointment necessary) and he diagnosed and repaired my computer and I had it back the next day. I am one of those people who would rather do business with locals so I am glad I found them Great people. Great service.

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