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PC Computer Repair Services

No Geeks, No Nerds, Just Pros!

(561) 880-0110

. RaptopPC Computer Repair Services 

PC Computer Repair Services by Experienced Technicians. We will fix your computer here in our Palm Beach Gardens computer workshop. Laptops, Desktops, Workstations, Servers, and Gaming PC stations. We love computers and we know we can help you with your computer problems or technology in your business. Call us we are friendly and want to help our neighbors.


Custom Computers


Custom computers built to the client’s needs. When speed matters we have the system for you. Everyone is different and some like fast computers. No, Really fast not your regular computer fast. Lighting Fast processor i9 will get the job done and no lag time for saving your work or running your programs.


Local Computer Repair


PC Computer Repair Services, all Laptop, Data recovery, Keyboard and DC Jack repair work is done locally. Right here in our Computer Lab in Palm Beach Gardens. Often on the same day or depending on the intense diagnostic testing needed. Sometimes we need to keep your computer overnight. We are very successful with pulling data off a computer that no longer powers on, or boots up. We will pull out the Hard drive to clone your data and restore the missing files, missing data. With a happiness guarantee. If we don’t fix it NO charge! No Data, No Charge No Kidding!

 PC Computer Repair Services


PC Computer Repair Services


Computers need to be tested to see exactly what is wrong with your computer. We do extensive testing on each internal computer part of your computer. The test will reveal the part that is not working and at the time of the test. The time to test your computer will take a few hours or overnight depending on the computer. We will advise you of how long your computer will be in the testing lab and call you with the results.

PC Computer Repair Lab in Palm Beach Gardens


After the test is done we will call you to tell exactly what is wrong with your computer and the price to get your computer fixed. If you decide to have repairs done great we will start right away. If you decide not to have the computer fixed there is no charge. You will have to come to pick your computer up. ASAp


Computer Repair Service in our Computer Lab.


Laptop Screen Cracked?


DC Jack is not charging my laptop?


We Fix PC and all brands of Computers in our Computer clinic.


Always 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Free Estimates, Always
Computer Repair Near Me.-Locations




Is the computer not worth Repairing?


Free Diagnosis to determine if, a computer is not worth Repairing for the repairs cost more than what your computer is worth.  If the repairs are more than the computer. We will tell the customer and let them decide what is best for them. Obviously, there is no charge for the diagnosis. We would rather take your money and put in a new computer.


If you decide to buy a new computer: We can transfer the data from your old computer into the new one. (There will be a transfer data fee for this service.)


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