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Abacoa Computer Service

Abacoa Computer Service for your computer, bring to us for a free diagnosis. Find out what is wrong and how much it cost to repair. If you have data recovery problems. We are a company that will work hard to save your computer and data. 


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  • Virus Repair Shop

  • Computer Freezing Repairs

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“No Data Recovered, No Charge, and No Deposit.”

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We are the best in the Computer business. 

Yes, we are very fast. We know how important your files are and how we have neighbor businesses that will take your money upfront and not give you anything in return. Try us first, and you will be glad you did,

Business It Support 

Fix My Computer? Is it worth it?

Don’t guess, let us look at your computer for a free diagnosis if it’s worth fixing or not. We will research the parts or labor to bring back to life and you will be told the price and you decide if worth the repairs, no charge for this Abacoa computer service. Why would you want to put money into an old computer when a new one is an answer?

Abacoa MAC Slow Computer Repair

Slow computer? Taking forever to startup? There are many reasons why a computer is slow. We give a free diagnosis to find out if you have a Virus, Malware, or Spyware.

Needing to speed up your computer, Hard Drives get full, and you will need space. Over time your hard drive gets full. The patches that the hard drive of the laptop or desktop computer makes when there is a fast shut down and causes corrupted files or missing files.

Signs of this is a slow computer. Slow to boot and take commands, your computer slower and slower. Your computer is looking for the data to start the programs and can’t find the file needed.



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Data Recovery Service Abacoa

  • Emergency Hard Drive Recovery

  • External Hard Drive Recovery

  • Hard Drive Recovery Service

  • External Hard Drive Repair

  • USB Drive Recovery

 Data Backup Repair

We are very successful at getting missing files. Hard drives that are failing let us secure your data before you lose the working drive. Prices range from eighty to two hundred dollars. Depends on the severity of the extraction and how complicated it is to get the data.

Hard Drive Recovery MAC and PC

Hard drive recovery for both MAC and PC. BCS says have a backup plan for your data. All hard drives were not meant to last forever. But, somehow we find ourselves with a computer hard drive that has a black screen. There are many reasons why this can happen. If your computer shuts itself off, try only once to get to come back on, shuts off again. It’s crucial to keep the computer off. The computer safety mechanisms are in place to save the computer and its data. So don’t keep trying to restart your computer. For you can be damaging your computer and data. Then Call Ballard Computer Solutions for help.


Unwanted Visitors on your Computer in Abacoa?

Unwanted visitors on your network, doing damage to your computer, laptop, and other devices. Your internet can become part of a more extensive network of illegal business from other foreign countries that the United States has no jurisdiction. See more about this here.

So how does one protect themselves from scammers?

Protect yourselves with the latest from antivirus that is updated before you go onto your computer surfing the net. It’s best if you set up the antivirus to automatically update itself at a daily scheduled time. A good antivirus will advise you if you have landed on a bad site and follow the directions to get your self to a safe place.

Your computer will not call anyone.

If someone calls you and says, your computer has called them to tell them your computer has malware or virus or anything. Lying scammers pretending to be, Microsoft, Apple, Government agencies will not call you. It’s a scam to get you to call them. Don’t fall for this, and they will gain access. For example, we have seen; customers lose their bank balance down to the penny, have your computer work for them in the background of your computer, and you don’t even know they are there. The only sign is your computer is slow — lots of other scams. Just do not fall for anyone that calls you.


Computer Repair Service

  • MAC Computer Security

  • Cracked Macbook Pro Screen Repair

  • Laptop MAC Keyboard Repair

  • Computer Maintenance

  • Wifi Repair

MacBook Pro Screen Replacement.

When you find your laptop with a broken screen or keyboard problems, This is not a big problem to repair or replace. DC Jacks where the plug will not charge. Is it the battery or the connection port? We give a free diagnosis for any repair.


Onsite Fix my MAC Computer

Onsite computer repair, or in our computer lab. If you bring your computer to us and allow us to keep overnight, we will be able to tell you precisely what is wrong with your computer and the cost to repair. Repairs usually are done on the same day that you approve of the repairs to repaired. If you decide not to have your computer fixed. No problem, Just come and pick up your computer in the next few days. There is no charge.

West Palm Beach MAC Laptop Repair Abacoa Computer Service in Jupiter, Fl pair. Data Recovery we are very successful and Affordable.

Computer Consultant

    • IT Consultant

    • Network Cabling Installations

    • Small Business Consultant

    • Business Consultant Services

    • IT Consultant Services

Disaster Recovery Planning

You get in your office after a lovely weekend to find someone has stolen all your office equipment. What Do you do? Ballard computer can guide you in securing your data so you can be back into business the next day. Computers are replaceable, but your data will take years to rebuild. The truth is you may not be able to recover from a loss of your data. So prepare ahead of time with a back up that is affordable. We have many solutions at an affordable price. Call us for advice. We do not own backup service, but we know the industry and know the best places to advise you to use. 

Business Technology Consulting,

The first consultation is Free.

Call us today!

Business Consultant Services

We are your neighbors who want to see you succeed. Call us we can give you advice on the best technology for your business niche. We have over twenty years in the business. We can help you grow, with the right computers and software for your staff and business type. Get the Sevier you need today but has room to grow with your business. Plan on years of growth today that will be affordable today and tomorrow. Technology will grow with you. Business phones, Servers, Business equipment. We can save you money and the heartache of lousy technology purchases. We specialize and take pride in saving you money.

Internet Phone Systems

We know we can save you money on your monthly phone bill. Installing an affordable phone solution for your computers and phone system. Will pay for itself over time. Solutions for multiple offices and off-site workers. Don’t settle for each phone in your office. No monthly charges for each phone will save you today and grow with your company. You can have as many phones as you want. An average office will pay under 75 a month total for their phone system.  Yes, we can save you money.

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