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Computer Repair Loxahatchee

      • Fix My MAC

      •  MAC Computer Security

      • MAC Network Service

      • Broken Computer Repairs

      • Apple Data Recovery

      • MacBook Pro Laptop Repair

MacBooks laptops are very durable but when you accidentally drop. Or step on them, they will break. Broken digitizer or Cracked screens are replaced with a new part and reassembled. Restoring the usability and the value of your computer.


Fix My MAC

Common MacBook Repairs

Mac first aid to repair or replace broken parts. Done here local in our computer lab. We do not send out our computers. So you will get your MacBook back fast.

      • Keyboard Repair

      • MacBook TouchPad Repair

      • Laptop DC Jack Repair

      • Laptop Hinge Repair

      • MacBook Data Recovery

      • Fast Computer Services

    The same day if the part is in stock. If not in stock, usually the day the part comes in. Common MAC repairs: All labor and parts are 100% guaranteed. Call and talk to an expert about your computer problem, to get more information about your repairs.

Data Recovery Service in Loxahatchee, Fl

    • Computer Security

    • Data Backup Repair

    • Emergency Data Recovery

    • External Hard Drive Repair

    • Private Hard Drive Recovery

Affordable Data Recovery

Hard drive recovery service is in such high demand. Hard drives fail, and your precious data is stuck inside. Ballard Computer Solutions is very successful at getting data from a hard drive that is not clicking. Also affordable compared to our competition who collects money upfront.

Private Hard Drive Recovery

Fast Data Recovery

Data recovery is very tricky in estimating the time it takes to extract your data. Some data comes off quickly; Others take time, the process is sometimes slower. It just depends on the amount of data you have on your hard drive.

No Deposit, No Data Recovered, No charge, No Kidding.

You have our happiness guarantee.

All services are 100% guaranteed.  

File Data Recovery

Share with us the name of your file names. File names are important to us, for we look for those files. We manually have to extract those files.

We secure a copy of your data in another device that will hold all of your data. Like another hard drive, external hard drive, flash drive, or USB data device.


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Increase Visibility

There are searches every day that are looking for a business like yours, right now. Leverage Organic SEO for Brand awareness with Local SEO so your business is visible to Google searches and other search engines.

Local SEO Strategy

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Target and engage the best possible audience from Facebook, Instagram, search engines, and more. You never know where your next customer will be looking for your service. Finding you and checking your reviews is all done before they pick up the phone or walk into your store. Brand awareness is the key.

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5 Stars - Based on 177 User Reviews
Richard Crowley

Rusty listened to what my issues were with the computer. He knew exactly what was needed after doing a complete investigation. I can't believe how much my computer has improved since my trip to Ballard computers. He was recommended by a friend who also has very high ptaise for Rusty.

Rusty and Darlene went above and beyond the call of duty to get my PC up and running again in a timely and professional manner. No question was "stupid" according to Rusty and he proved it during my contacts with him. Ballard Computer Solutions will be contacted when I begin my transition from a PC to a laptop.

My old case was ruined on my laptop and I needed a new one but I needed to have everything transferred over from the old one to the new one. I took it to Ballard and literally it was done the next day. My computer was lovely and the service was amazing and super quick. Also his prices are reasonable but because of his work I gave him extra money because he deserved it!!! If I could give more stars I would definitely do so. I highly recommend you to take your device to Ballard, you will not be disappointed.

Eileen Cummings

Rusty more than exceeded my need and expectations.........he explained what I needed in some sensitive computer issues, completed this in an exceptionally timely way, and allowed me to follow up with some questions........he and Darlene exemplified the expression....."When you need something done RIGHT, go to the PRO".......Thank you, Rusty and Darlene for your caring, professional service!

Extremely helpful, and a very rapid response.

Helped me get my computer working again! Great people!

Great experience all round

After my desktop Mac crashed, Rusty recovered all my data and installed a new solid state hard drive. Now it runs better than when new. Was so pleased with the price and service I fished an old Mac Pro lap top out of a draw where it had been left for dead a few years ago and took that to him also. He replaced the battery and installed a later version OS on a new SS hard drive for $150. Now the Mac works better than when I bought it new for over a $1000! Thanks Rusty 9/10/21 Yesterday Rusty setup and optimized (took off all the preloaded Junk) on our new PC laptop and then installed recommended virus protection at a very reasonable price.Now the computer performs 100% better. Thanks again Rusty

Friendly very professional.

Ballard Computer Solutions has attended to my hardware issues with efficiency, integrity and professionalism. Thank you, Rusty!

Their customer service and communication are absolutely amazing. In addition to that, i got helped out getting into the place since im in a wheelchair what a wonderful person. I also got Great results and thankfully my laptop is functioning like its brand new. I appreciate everything y'all done for me.

Patricia Stivaletta

I had a wonderful experience! My computer was making me crazy. Now it is perfectly fixed!!!!!!

Pipeman Radio

So big shout out to Ballard Computer Solutions. We had a problem with one of our radio studio computers and not only did they quickly fix the problem, but also didn't charge me. I have been dealing with tech people for a long time since it is something I do and am in the technology industry. Usually there is a large charge for diagnostics without even repairing. Usually computer repair companies and individuals try to increase billable hours by making things a bigger deal and more time consuming than it actually is even when it is something extremely simple. Well I highly recommend #BallardComputerSolutions for several reasons and they will not be my only go to for all our tech service needs. First of all, diagnostic was free of charge. Second, they were so friendly and easy to deal with.. Third, it was fixed in one day and because it was something simple they didn't even charge me. Amazing! Never experienced this type of honesty, service, and caring for clients before when it comes to computer repair. There is no where else I will go and neither should you.

My computer wouldn't turn on. I was worried that some data could be lost and, since we have hundreds of embroidery patterns that we have collected over the past couple years, they might be lost as well. Ballard was recommended to me. The computer was repaired in less than a day. The files were restored and they also backed them up for us, since I was in the process of doing that when the problems occurred. Finally. He added more memory. The computer now runs like new. I recommend that anyone needing work at least consider coming to Ballard. You also get to meet two large by well behaved dogs.

a year ago

Hard to find someone who can solve my computer problems and at a fair price. I love this business.

Frank Morabito

I dropped off my computer that would not start to Rusty at 6:40 PM on Thursday and he had it repaired and ready for me to pick it up by 11 AM Friday morning. He found that my machine was the victim of a power surge that required the motherboard and bios to be reset. This is fabulous service from a man who really understands computers. I thank Rusty for taking the time to quickly looking at my notebook computer and getting my machine back to me in short order for a very reasonable price.

Computer Support and Services

      • LCD Screen Replacement
      • Slow Computer Repair
      • Security Network
      • Laptop Common Repairs
      • Virus Repair

Freezing Computer Repairs

To get out of a frozen screen, press and hold the “Ctrl,” “Alt” and “Del” keys in that order and select the Task Manager when the screen changes. See the” Task Manager” tab,  then select the end task, your computer will shut down. If this does not work.

Press and hold your start button

Press and hold your start button on a tower or laptop for about a minute. This is a hard boot and not recommended for your computer. But it will get you out of your frozen screen. Bring your computer to us. We will diagnosis for free in our computer lab. Tell you what is wrong and if you decide to do repairs. Great!! If not just pick up your computer. No hard feelings we will see you when you need help again.

Security Network from Ransome Ware

Securing your network to keep unwanted visitors off your Home or business Wifi or network. Leaving your network without a strong password can let unsuspecting eyes on your system, and they can be using the service for free. As well as can do anything even illegal data transfers using your computer internet signal. Bouncing off your computer to another computer keeping away for the authorities.

Wifi Computer Repair Loxahatchee

BCS network security to find the strongest signal from your internet provider and lock it in for your use. While securing your network for only the people you want on your system. Also, set up a visitors log in for limited access to your data.


Computer Maintenance

Computer Service

      • Best Motherboard Repair Shop
      • Wifi Repair
      • Slow Computer Repair
      • Virus Removal Repair
      • Gaming Computer Repair Shop
      • Virus Removal Computer Repair Loxahatchee
      • PC Keyboard Shop
      • Computer Keyboard Repair
  • Custom Built Computers

Daytime traders love this custom to what you need for your business. AutoCAD developers who don’t like to wait for your computer to save. Water-cooled I9 processor. lights on your memory sticks. Multi hard drives. Fans galore. Just like lightning!

 PC Repair Loxahatchee

Fast dependable PC repairs for desktop, laptop, servers, etc. A slow computer or computer is not starting. Broken Laptop screen or keyboard needs keys repaired or replaced. Dc Jack not charging or staying connected. Operating Errors.

The computer can not get online.

The computer starts and then shuts down all by itself Can cause lost files computer documents are missing.  All brands repaired, All accidents repaired.


Computer Consultant

    • IT Consultant

    • Small Business Consultant

    • IT Security Solutions

    • Phone System Installation

Disaster Recovery Planning

Proper pre-planning is the best feeling when disaster does hit. Fire, Theft, or Water damage to your business will not put your business to a halt.

Pre Plan Disaster Relief

With proper pre-planning and saving your data off-site, Disaster, it’s just a minor problem, for your up and running your office with a fast download from your data storage service provider. Yes, we can help you before a disaster happens.

Business Phone System

Technology Consultant Services

Business and office in the homes start with a computer. Then we need to hire the staff. Start with what you have and when its time to grow. We will be there to help you with what is required and the most cost-effective way to achieve your goal.

The first consultation is Free. Call us today!

Small Business Consultant

BCS knows technology and business. We have helped set up and grow with our neighboring business for 30+ years. We have grown with our neighbors and look forward to talking to you too.

Always Free Diagnostics at our Computer Lab!  Since 1999

NO Deposit Necessary!


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