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Computer Repair Service West Palm Beach

  • MAC Computer Security

  • Cracked Macbook Pro Screen Repair

  • Laptop MAC Keyboard Repair

  • Computer Maintenance

  • Wifi Repair

MacBook Pro Screen Replacement.

Life happens, Computers get dropped and stepped on — many times your computer screen in need of repair. We have repaired digitizers and screens on many of a MacBook MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. We repair your screen, broken keyboard, touch pads, DC jacks (computer not charging). Missing Data files, Broken hinges, Cracked lid, or body. We repair all: any Brand, Any problem.

Fix My Computer?

Is My Computer Worth The Repair? Sometimes I will tell you if your computer is not worth fixing. Just too old and repairs cost more than the value of the machine. So we would instead you put your money into a new computer. We know when you have a real problem, you will be back for more great Customer Services.

West Palm Beach MAC Slow Computer Repair

Slow computer? Taking forever to startup? There are many reasons why a compute response has delayed a sign you might have a Computer Virus, Malware, or Spyware. Processing speed is being taken to run a virus software in the background. Sending and receiving files without you even knowing about it. A slow computer could also be from corrupted files on your hard drive.

Over time your operating system will make a patch on the hard drive for any corrupted files or missing data. Over time the hard drive patches needed to repair the operating system make your computer slower and slower. Your computer is looking for the files to start the programs and can’t find the data needed.

Onsite Fix my MAC Computer

Onsite computer repair, or in our computer lab. If you bring your computer to us and allow us to keep overnight, we will be able to tell you precisely what is wrong with your computer and the cost to repair it. Repairs usually are done on the same day that you approve of the repairs. If you decide not to have your computer fixed. No problem, just come and pick up your computer in the next few days. There is no charge.

West Palm Beach MAC Laptop Repair 


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Computer Support and Services

  • West Palm Beach PC Laptop Service

  • LCD Screen Replacement

  • Network Cabling Installations

  • Computer Freezing Repairs

  • Fast Virus Removal Repairs

Common Computer Repairs

Onsite or in our computer lab. We see all kinds of problems with PCs. The dropped computer can cause errors in the operating system.  Can cause the laptop or desktop computer not to come on. If you’re lucky, you might have the memory as came loose this is an easy fix. Broken screen or keyboard usually fixed in a day with the replacement part in stock.

Keyboard Repairs

Malware, Virus, and Spyware will slow down your computer. When you’re looking for a file and its missing. Malware or Virus is on your computer. We can help you with your computer. The sooner, the better, because a virus or malware left on your computer. Will start to use the storage space where your data is stored. Overwriting over your precious data.

What to Do? Stop the Madness.

Quickly, turn off your computer. Unplug and take carefully take out the battery. We will pull the hard drive first. Then when the data is secure. We start to test your computer parts. Checking each computer part for any damage and then. We know the computer is right then we start putting the data into your computer. When repairs are done will run like new. Speed is fast like the day you bought it.

Computer Repair West Palm Beach

  • Best Motherboard Repair Shop

  • PC Repair Shop

  • Virus Repair Shop

  • Computer Freezing Repairs

  • Gaming Computer Repair Shop

LED Screen Replacement

LED repair and LCD screens replaced or repaired. Dropping your computer. Screen cracks or the digitizer cracks. The computer lab will take the laptop apart and verify the computer part. Order it if not in stock. We repair the screen within one day once the part arrives.

Business It Support 

Common Computer Repairs

The keyboard with keys popped off can be repaired. However, if the prongs are damaged. A New keyboard can be installed when the touchpad stops working. There is a place you can accidentally touch the pad and will turn off.

Security Network

Let us lock down your internet network. Update your computer antivirus. Set up a backup system to secure your data files. Don’t wait until you have lost your data. Do something today to ensure your Network, Data, and Network.

Free Diagnosis for Computer Repair West Palm Beach at our Lab in PBG

Call us, and we will help you turn back on or drop by the computer lab. We fix all the repairs. 30+ years of experience. Fast, dependable service. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Data Recovery Service West Palm Beach

  • Emergency Hard Drive Recovery

  • External Hard Drive Recovery

  • Hard Drive Recovery Service

  • External Hard Drive Repair

  • USB Drive Recovery

Computer Security

Computer security from the internet Is more than just an excellent daily update from your Antivirus. Keeping your network secure. Cabled or Wireless systems have their challenges of security. Be careful; Your network internet can become part of an illegal network of computers. That is linked, and authorities have a hard time tracking. Left unsecured, machines will take advantage of unsecured devices or network system. Most people do not even know their computer has a virus working in the background.

Ballard Computer Solutions will find the fastest internet signal in your neighborhood. Set it and secure your router. You are keeping all unwanted visitors off your Wifi and devices.

Data Backup Repair

Hard Drive Recovery MAC and PC

Hard drive recovery for both MAC and PC. BCS says have a backup plan for your data. All hard drives were not meant to last forever. But, somehow we find ourselves with a computer hard drive that has a black screen. There are many reasons why this can happen. If your computer shuts itself off, try only once to get to come back onI and shuts off again, Keep the computer off. The computer safety mechanisms are in place to save the network computer and its data. So don’t keep trying to restart your computer. For you can be damaging your computer and data.

“No Data Recovered, No Charge, and No Deposit.”

We are the best in the business. 

With a “Happiness Guarantee “

Bring your computer to us for a free diagnosis. Find out what is wrong and how much it cost to repair. If you have data recovery problems. We are the company to so too.

Computer Consultant

    • IT Consultant

    • Network Cabling Installations

    • Small Business Consultant

    • Business Consultant Services

    • IT Consultant Services

Disaster Recovery Planning

Get ready today for a possible disaster. If it does happen. You will be so happy that you prepared. It just takes a few minutes to tell us you want help. We secure your data and your network.

Business Technology Consulting,

The first consultation is Free. Call us today!

Business Consultant Services

Let us be your technology coach. Save your time and money on choosing the right technology system for your business. Only buy what you need. Technology will grow with you. Business phones, Servers, Business equipment. We can save you money and the heartache of bad technology purchases. We specialize and take pride in saving you money.

Internet Phone Systems

Save your money on your office phone systems. Install phones that use your internet service. Don’t pay for each phone in your office. Pay only for the phone line and each phone. You can have as many phones as you want. An average office will pay under 75 a month total for their phone system.  Yes, we can save you money.

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