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Data Recovery Service in Tequesta

  • Hard Drive Recovery
  • Computer Maintenance
  • External Hard Drive Repair
  • USB Drive Recovery
  • Computer Security
  • Flash Drive Recovery

Hard Drive Recovery Service

IT Services for lost data or missing files of your photos are now missing along with your music and paperwork. There are many reasons for missing data files. A failing hard drive data or the partition on the hard drive is failing. So Don’t give up hope, your Data is recoverable!

External Hard Drive Recovery

Ballard Computer has an 89% success rate in Hard Drive Recovery. Different storage devices have hard drives memory sticks like Desktop Computers, Laptops, External Hard Drives, Flash Drives, or Drive Recovery. Ballard Computer Solutions can get your data and restore to a device of your choice. Once the data is pulled from the old failing hard drive and secured onto another external hard drive or a new computer. Our computer lab likes Solid State Drives for they are worth the extra money to buy a more durable hard drive.


Ballard Computer Solutions are very successful at recovering data for both MAC and PC’s. 

“No Data Recovered, No Charge. No, Kidding!”

Computer Security

Spyware removal, virus removal, and malware will overwrite your precious data. So it is crucial to keep your data backed up and secure in a separate place.

Data Recovery Backup

Usually is best in a cloud or share back up storage with a trusted family member or friend. You keep theirs, and they have yours. If your files go missing the data transfer will restore, and you will be back up and running in no time at all.

  • Data Transfers

  • Data Backup

  • Data Recovery Services

Call Ballard Computer Solutions for help in data recovery and data back up services set up.


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Computer Repair North Palm Beach

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Computer Repair Service

  • MAC Computer Security

  • Cracked Macbook Pro Screen Repair

  • WiFi Repair

  • Security Network

  • Computer Freezing Repairs

Network Printer Setup

Cable a hard wire to printers and computers. Set up and configuration of printers and computers. Wireless and wired cable to speed up computer speed. Password Recovery service. Computer Security to locking down your internet from unwanted

Password Recovery 

Tequesta Online Computer Repairs:

PC Tune-ups to keep your computer free from unwanted programs. Delete unused programs. Removal of any Virus, malware, or spyware. Operating System updates, program updates.

MacBook Laptop Repairs

Broken Computer screens, Keyboard replacement, Hinge repair, or replacement. No matter what computer part’s broken, we can repair your computer. Is your Laptop or computer hot and shutting itself off? Don’t try to keep turn off. A fan replacement is needed. Your computer is working to safeguard the data.

iMac Repairs.

Broken screen, CD player, has stopped working, Data missing, Computer has a black screen and turns off. Data recovery for failing hard-drives.

Computer Support and Services

  • Tequesta PC Laptop Service

  • LCD Screen Replacement

  • Computer Freezing Repairs

  • Network Cabling Installations

The Virus, Malware and Spyware Removal

Is the computer slow? Speed up your computer with a tune-up. Removing unwanted programs as well as virus, spyware, and malicious malware.

Common Computer Repairs

Laptop Keyword Repair and broken screen repairs. Computer not charging or DC jack charging port replacement or repairs.Hinge and or broken pieces. Printer set up and configurations. Scanner set up, Back up system set up automatically.

Slow Computer Repair

Computer Running Slow? Clean up your computer with a tune-up.  Program Errors Repaired, Repair Corruptions with hard drives. Child Protection and Internet Security, Outlook Email repair and Recovery,
Registry errors. Hardware Driver Configuration. Any Problem repaired.

New Computer Setup

Scanner Installations, Router Configuration, Printer Installations
Junk Program Removal, Software installs and updates, and Operating System Updates

Network Installation Services

Structured cable installation. Project management for the cabling system for service such as data, electronic security, VOIP Phone systems. Hardwired computers and printers. Wifi, Wireless network, Boost the signal for every room is on the owner’s network of printers, laptops, and computers.

Missing Files Data Recovery

Tequesta Computer Service

  • Computer Repair PC
  • Slow Computer Repair Service
  • Hard Drive Recovery
  • Computer Screen Repair
  • Desktop Repair Shop
  • Custom Gaming Computer Repair Shop
  • Computer Power Repair
  • Slow Computer Repair service
  • PC Repair Palm Beach

PC Laptop Repair

All brands of computers repaired.  Laptop repairs for cracked screens and keyboard replacements. Liquid damage from the spilled liquid on the laptop. DC jack repair or replacement. Hinge replacement is done quickly as soon as the part is received. Business and Residential Troubleshooting

Computer Fan Repair

Fan replacement for a hot to the touch computer that keeps turning itself off. As a safety feature, so keep off and bring in for repair.  Tough pad repair. Restoring and bring your computer back to life is so rewarding. It does not matter what laptop part or computer component broke; we can fix it.

Gaming Custom Computers

Screaming fast computer built for you and your needs. A super-fast processor that delivers on demand when you start typing. Water cooled to keep the processing speed heat and evenly to dispute the heat to keep your computer system from overheating.

Data Recovery

Lost data of missing files, photos, and music. Ballard Computer Solutions has an 85% success rate to recover data. Recover the data and add to a storage device of customers choice. Depending on the amount of data extracted from the hard drive.

Offsite Data Storage

All computers fail; hard-drives fail to prepare for the day your data goes missing. Set up an efficient backup system to store data in an off-site computer like cloud storage back up. If disaster sticks, you will be back up and running as soon as the data downloaded from the cloud servers.

Tequesta Computer Consultant

  • Small Business Consultant

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

  • Business IT Support

IT Consultant

Management and advising organizations business owners on how to best use information technology (IT) to their best advantage in achieving business processes and objectives.

Technology Consultant Services

Software and hardware were consulting for business owners on business security. Operations and Network and Architecture. Customized to your business needs and scalable for the future.

IT Consultant Services

We are passionate about helping other businesses find the right computer system that meets their needs today and room to grow for tomorrow. Affordable business solutions that simplify your business process and automate where needed.

We have 30+ years of experience that can help you with any growing pains your business may have.  

Business Technology Consulting

Internet Phone Systems

Use your computer to make and store phone call recording. Break away from the phone companies and save your money. We have cost-effective solutions

Disaster Recovery Planning

The first consultant visit is free. 

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