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Computer Repair North Palm Beach

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Computer Support and Services

  • Cracked Laptop Screen

  • DC Jack Repair

  • OS Software Support

  • Computer Maintenance

 MAC Computer Security

Network Security from your Wireless and cable network. Fire Walls and Configuration to your network system and router. Assure to locking out any unwanted guest in your network. We do it all from running the cable to set up your router and the WIFI for the wireless devices.

Corrupted Partition

Removal of virus, malware and spyware on your computer before it starts to delete your data. If your computer is slow and takes a long time to start or you have missing files. Is a sign that something else is working in the background of your computer.

Laptop Keyboard Repair

Replacement or Repair of your LCD Or LED screen is very common. That’s because we take our computers everywhere with us. They do take a beating. Improper shut downs. Sitting or stepping on the case. Causing computer damage internally. We repair ore replace keyboards from popped keys, Cracked Screens and DC Jacks are the most common repairs.

Computer Repair North Palm Beach

  • Cracked Macbook Pro Screen Repair

  • Laptop MAC Keyboard Repair

  • Adware Malware Removal

  • OS Software Support

  • Router Configuration

 Network Security

Network Security from your Wireless and cable network. Fire Walls and Configuration to your network and router. Assure to locking out any unwanted guests in your network. We do it all from running the cable to set up your router and the WIFI for the wireless devices.

Password Recovery

Motherboard Repairs

DC Jack has broken when your computer does not charge the computer. Motherboard replacement when your computer has problems coming on and black screen. Video card replacement for the computer has problems with pretending the image.

MacBook Pro Laptop Repair

Cracked LED screens repaired. Broken keyboards are repaired or replaced.  DC Jacks that no longer charge the computer. Easy to do all the above, once the broken part is received we replace them very quickly. Water Damage to your computer. Quickly turn off and very carefully pull the battery out.  Bring to us so we can safely disassemble and finish drying out the inside completely before we start testing to see if there was any damage. 

Computer Service in North Palm Beach

  • PC Computer Repair Shop

  • Virus Repair Shop

  • Desktop Repair Shop

  • Gaming Computer Repair Shop

  • Palm Beach PC Service Reviews

  • PC Keyboard Shop

  • Computer Keyboard Repair

  • PC Repair Palm Beach

Custom Computer Repair Shop

Screaming fast computer for when you need speed. Winning speed to achieve the game fast. Or to deliver a daytime trailer the quickest response to the closing bid.

Computer Repair North Palm Beach Black Screens?

Black Screen, Computer ill not come on. Shuts off and will not stay on. Replacement of your power source will be a quick fix


Outlook Repair

OST and PST files get corrupted with Microsoft office suite. Usually starts saying not enough memory or space to run your email. Corruption happens to the Ost files as well as PST files, and they need to be re-configured. Try Google Email for a more stable email and the safest email because the email is sent encrypted to another google the Google email is encrypted, send to another Google email. As of yet, Outlook does not have this safety feature.

Computer Maintenance – Computer Repair North Palm Beach

Computers need to be cleaned up from unwanted programs and spyware programs. Unwanted visitors on your network is putting your data at risk. Clear off any unused icons on your desktop. Speed up your computer from not only unwanted programs but a possible virus, malware, and spyware. Maintenance that can speed up your computer once the “malware” and “virus” get removed from your computer. We remove the unwanted spyware programs, virus and install free antivirus software if you do not have windows 10. Upgrade your Desktop and laptop computer with adding memory sticks.

Computer Repair North Palm Beach Reviews

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Data Recovery Service North Palm Beach

  • External Hard Drive Recovery
  • Hard Drive Recovery Service
  • Data Transfers
  • USB Drive Recovery

MAC and PC Hard- Drive Recovery North Palm Beach

Data recovery like documents, music, and images. Both MAC and PC data restored.  We cover the data from a failing hard-drive takes some time, depends on how much data is on the hard drive. Anywhere from a couple of hours to a few days. We are very successful in getting your data. The device, The client, will be notified on the successful extraction and the size of the file. The data then will be transferred to any device the client’s choices.

Hard Drive Recovery

IT Services for Data Extraction

Hard Drive Recovery on several internal and external drives like USB Drive recovery. Flash Drive Recovery. All devices are going to fail. It’s their nature. So we encourage a separate place to back up your data. Like an external cloud-based external storage place.

Data Recovery Plan

The best practice for offices is to save all your data to a server. One place to install the automatic data recovery off-site. The benefit is; A stolen computer, Fire or Flood. If a tragedy like this will not devastate your business. After you get your office computers ready. Download all the data that was backed up to your safe off-site place. Your back in business in a matter of a few hours. 

Computer Consultant North Palm Beach

  • IT Consultant

  • Business Consultant Services

  • Small Business Consultant

  • Business Consultant Services

  • IT Consultant Services

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

Technology Consultant Services

Software and Hardware needs can be very confusing. We help take the guesswork out of the planning. Explaining the niche to the Consultant and we will help you with explaining what technology is going to do for you and your business. Achieving your goals and ready for tomorrows business.

IT Consultant

Management for your business growth and planning. Rock solid advice on the best hardware and software that will best suit your niche Planning out your strategy for your business processes and see if anything can be automated. Technology is the answer to efficiency and keeping the data safe. With a disaster plan recovery plan if a disaster like fire, flood, or theft will not put you out of business. Instead, the back up of your business data will installed from the cloud storage. Into your new computers and marketing will be as usual because of your planning ahead of time.

Small Business Consultant

The best business set up from computers to phones. Set up your office and your organized and projects are getting done for your staff is sharing files and saving to the server. The server is getting backed up daily as a part of your pre-planning for possible lost data. consultation for the future growth of your company

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