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Laptop Repair


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MAC and PC Laptops

Laptop Repair West Palm Beach

Laptop Repair West Palm Beach  With over 20+ years experience we can repair all your computer problems whether its hardware or software and we give FREE Diagnostics in our office.

If you are experiencing these issues, don’t worry because our team will solve them either by replacing the faulty hard drive or re-install windows. We also repair or replace laptop motherboards that are malfunctioning or have failed at a pocket-friendly price.

DC Jack Repair

This is a common problem for most laptops. If your laptop DC Jack is broken, your laptop will hardly charge or turn on, turn off when slightly moved or charge only when connected to power at the certain position.

Don’t give up yet; this is a minor problem for us. We can revive your dead PC. Apart from a broken Jack, the problem may also come as a result of a problem with the AC adapter. If the problem is caused by a bad power supply, we can replace the whole supply to revive the PC. We can restore the normal functioning of your PC or Mac to get it up and running again.

Laptop Cracked Screen

It’s common for a screen to crack or even stop working just like a light bulb. You may experience vertical lines on the screen, clusters of dead pixels or the damage of the ribbon cable.

Repair LCD and LED Screen 

We offer affordable and competitive pricing for LCD and LED screen issues. Our team of experienced specialized will help you decide whether your computer is worth repairing.

Computer Service


Computer Repair Service

Computer Repair Service.  Ballard Computer repairs all brands of computers including MAC and PC Brands. As well as all kinds of computers.  Servers for businesses, Desktop, Laptop.  experience! BCS loves to make slow computers new again. Come to see why our customers have kept us in business with referrals to their family and friends.


We can assist you online, Onsite or in our computer lab.


Ballard Computer Solutions Since 1999!

Thank you to our loyal clients we are proud to serve our community with Computer Repair.


PC Repair and Apple – MAC- iMac -MacBook Pro Computer Repair Service

"Satisfaction Guaranteed!"

Yes, we do not charge for estimates or collect a deposit. Our Computer repair technicians will look at your computer. Then give you a free quote of how much it will take to bring your computer to like new again. If it is time for a new computer, we will let you know it is time.


Computer Repair Service MAC Computers in a classroom studying Computer Repair

Mac and Windows Clone Computer Service.


Computer Repair Mac and PC.  Apple VS Windows everyone has a preference.  BCS repairs both Mac and PC’s. Upgrades that speed up a slow computer. Fresh installs of the operating system will bring an old computer back to new again. 

MAC Computer Repair Service - Apple Computer Repair

MAC Computer - We repair all brands of MAC computers. Including a cracked screen, Black screen, Water spilled on the keyboard and now there is damage to your computer. We can fix everything that might be broken on your MAC computer. You can expect a quick turn around time.

Broken DC Jack Repair? Repairs To Get You Back to Work,

Desktop, Laptop, MacBook, IMac Computer repairs. DC Jack, Broken Screens or keyboards. Computer data missing, Computer will not hold a charge. Broken Hinges, Cracked case. Spilled liquid on your computer. The computer is hot and shuts off. We fix all computer problems.

MAC Computers

Ballard Computer Repairs All models of MAC Computer repair. All MacBooks, Repairs on Motherboards, Keyboards, Broken or Cracked Screen. A computer running slow, Virus detection and Virus removal. Including MacBooks and iMac products. 

Apple Laptop Repairs

MAC Laptops are durable and software will get corrupted over time. If you drop your laptop some files might get damaged but the software might be able to fix itself with a batch on the hard drive but over time the system will start to slow with several patches to fix the error. Here are a few other of our favorite MAC products:

MAC Desktop RepairMac and PC Computer Repair

iMac Repair

Macbooks Solutions

Cost Effective Solutions for your home or office.




We Repair all Makes and Models of Laptop Computers

Laptops are so easy to fall in love with. We depend on them so very much. But they are dropped and banged up so for that reason hard drives do get damaged more frequently than a desktop. They often overheat the fibers from our clothes and linen get trapped inside your computer and eventually needs to be vacuumed out by a professional to take your computer apart and clean-up the lint that has collected.

Computers over time do get a corruption on the hard drive. the operating system will make a patch for the error but over time the patches take more and more time to boot up your computer’s operating system. The computer is trying to find all the essential files to start your programs.

Laptops common repairs over time:

– “Operating system not found” Error Messages.

– Blue screen of death

– Noisy hard drive

– Computer not starting

– Keyboard not Working

– No Video or Picture

– No Sound

– Graphics Chip Reflow

– Virus, Malware Removal

– Computer Running Slow

– Data Recovery

FREE Diagnostics in our office.

Viruses cause computers to be slow and viruses can be stopped from coming into your computer with a good antivirus. But not any one computer virus protection will protect you 100% for a new virus is being made every day.  The best way to protect yourself is to make sure your computer has the latest update from your anti-virus software before you start your browser before you start to go web surfing.

If You Don’t See Your Problem In This Small List Call Us, WE CAN FIX IT.

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