Solid State Drive VS Hard Drive Disk

Which is better, “Solid State Drives vs Hard Disk Drives” for upgrading MAC and PC’s Laptop, Desktop, or Business Servers? Not sure which is better for you? Here is a guide to hard drive information for laptops, desktop computers, or servers. 

Which is better for MAC and PC?

Consider the boot time, lifespan, recovery time, storage, reduce noise, etc. Decide if upgrading your laptop, desktop computers, or server is for you. Thanks to advanced technology, the Harddrive industry The SSD is better as well as more affordable. Here are a few reasons why Ballard Computer has installed hundreds of SSD into MAC and PC Desktop, Laptops, etc.  This information is to educate, so you can decide if this computer upgrade is for you.

Solid State Drive vs Hard Disk Drive infographic illustration

Solid State Drive VS Hard Disk Drive

This Guide to help bridge the gap of all the basic different Hard Drives Available for the most popular MAC and PC Computer Systems. Feel free to share and Save on your website.

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What is HDD?

HDD stands for “Hard Disk Drive ” MAC and PC users are composed of layers of fast-spinning disks that hover over each other writing and reading of the ones and zeros. These disks are packed securely in a hard case of metal casting. 


Hard disk drives are highly sensitive and should be kept in a cool place free of shocks, spills, strong magnetic forces and should not be dropped for will destabilize the internal spinning of the drive. Causing errors and can be fatal to the drive. 


For decades the HDD has been the primary form of data storage for both Laptop and Desktop and servers. Great for performance and storage. That is why it is hard for consumers to make the decision to change to the SSD alternative. 

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What is SSD?


SSD stands for “Solid State Drive ” MAC and PC users can also use the fast drive in desktops, Laptops, and Servers. The name says what is a Solid State for no moving parts so that is why it’s less vulnerable to damage the HDD. However, an SSD should not be dropped if possible. A strong magnet will not hurt the drive unless the magnet manages to conduct an electric current. 


Over the last decade the SSD advanced technology and the drop in the marketplace, these drives are very popular for the speed it delivers. The process can keep up with the commands on both a MAC and PC computer devices. The speed is very noticeable on file transfers and boot times. The simple design of a rectangle outside metal casing with a set of memory chips can be seen on the outside.  

The storage of data capacity isn’t as good as the HDD. 

M.2 SSD image Solid State Drive vs Hard Disk Drive

What is M.2? 


M.2 is a Type of SSD. The M.2 has no casing like an SSD. Not to be mistaken that all M.2’s are the same for they are different in size and shape per different branding.

MAC M.s are different in shape and size, because of the different motherboard manufacturers. When purchasing M.2 SSD It’s a critical step knowing which type M.2 is compatible with your motherboard.  

What is PCI-e 4.0

AMD released the PCL-e for motherboards X570 motherboards for Ryzen CPU. However, they are expensive. 

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SSD and HHD Availability, Price and Average Capacity


HDD with an average capacity of 500GB and 4 TB. Choosing a value-oriented supplier. Usually average about $.022 per gigabyte. (almost two cents per gigabyte) 3 TB HDD on average $66.00 or less. And are so available in the marketplace and have been the preferred HDD for decades. 

SSD In the past, you’re lucky to find an SSD In comparison, it is 25 cents a gigabyte with storage of 120 GB and 2 TB. Equals a dollar for 4 gigabytes. But, since the advanced technology of NAND, a value-priced SSD can be found at 10 cents a gigabyte. There were stocking issues with the SSD, but they are now more accessible and helps to make it more affordable.

Speed, Noise, and Vibration

SSD – Typically between 200-550 MB/s read/write speeds SSD and M.2 have no moving parts, so there is no noise, no vibration. HDD – Typically between 80-160 MB/s read/write speeds with some humming from the vibration is noticeable on some HDDs but over time may get very loud because of age or degrading of the device.

Reliability, Lifespan, and Recovery

With the advanced technology, the SSD in now warrantied 10 years with minimal problems. Specialized, professional software is needed to recover data. The average battery life of 5:48 when on a laptop.

HDD it’s easier to recover data from an HDD and software is also needed. The biggest issues with the disk drive.are the fast-spinning disk that hovers over each other. Held in a case for stability. The arm with a head that reads and writes hitting on the platters causing corruption on the disk, is the biggest issue with the moving parts. The average battery life of 5:16 when in a laptop



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