Unlocking the Power of SD Cards

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In the digital age, SD cards have become the backbone of storing invaluable information across various devices. These tiny storage marvels hold vast amounts of data, from cherished memories to critical work documents, as the go-to solution for portable and reliable storage. However, the convenience of these cards sometimes comes with the risk of data loss, prompting the need for expert data recovery services.

At Ballard Computer Solutions, we understand the distress and frustration caused by lost or inaccessible data stored on SD cards. Our extensive experience in data recovery has made us acutely aware of the frequency with which users encounter issues with these storage devices. Whether due to accidental deletion, formatting errors, file corruption, or physical damage, data loss from SD cards is a common occurrence.

Amidst such challenges, our commitment to providing top-tier data recovery services remains unwavering. With an average success rate of 80 percent, Ballard Computer Solutions is a beacon of hope for those seeking to retrieve their lost data. We are driven by a deep-seated motivation to help our clients reclaim what is rightfully theirs—precious memories, crucial business files, and essential personal data.

What sets us apart is our dedication to transparency and customer satisfaction. Unlike many in the industry, we adhere to a strict policy: “No Recovery, No Charge.” We firmly believe that clients should only pay for successful data recovery outcomes. This commitment underscores our confidence in our capabilities and motivates us to exhaust every possible avenue to retrieve your valuable data.

Ballard Computer Solutions takes immense pride in being recognized as the premier data recovery expert in Florida. Our team of skilled technicians leverages state-of-the-art tools and proven methodologies to ensure the highest chances of successful data retrieval. Furthermore, our client-centric approach prioritizes confidentiality, ensuring your sensitive data remains secure throughout the recovery process.

Regarding data recovery from SD cards, Ballard Computer Solutions emerges as the trusted partner you can rely on. Our unwavering dedication, coupled with our stellar track record, solidifies our position as the go-to destination for resolving data loss issues. Experience the unparalleled expertise and commitment of Ballard Computer Solutions—the best in Florida for data recovery services.

Easy Ways to Backup Your Mac & PC Computer

Easy Ways to Backup Your Mac & PC Computer

Easy ways to back up your computer, Mac & PC

Easy ways to back up your computer, Mac & PC. We have been asked numerous times about how our customers (business and personal) can backup and protect their data. This is a basic explanation of how it can be done. Some of our customers are experiencing very stressful moments with their data storage and backup solutions and have to use data recovery experts to retrieve their information. We have encountered several people who use an external hard drive connected to their computer, and they are working exclusively off that external hard drive, which is their only copy of the data. If you are doing that, you need to stop what you are doing and make a copy of that drive ASAP.

Don’t ONLY use USB external hard drives to backup.

Even if you copy all the contents of the external hard drive to another computer, you always need at least two or more copies of your data on different storage devices in case one fails. What people don’t realize is that a lot of hard drive manufacturers use their worst hard drives in the external hard drive enclosures; it’s usually all about price and not dependability; even if you pay a higher-than-normal price, it doesn’t mean you have and better hard drive. Something else to consider is if you back up your data onto many drives and leave those drives on your desk or other unprotected spots in your home or office, it doesn’t protect your data from fire, floods, theft, or other disasters. It would be best to have a dependable, safe, off-site cloud backup solution.

Always make sure you have a good backup Mac or PC without errors

Any backup is better than none; I believe you can’t have too many backups. Always ensure you have a newer, complete, error-free backup before you delete an older one. Several times, I have had customers do backups on their computer or server for months, and then they crash to discover that the backups are unusable.

If you need your Data, scroll down to “Dependable Off-Site Cloud Backup Solution.”

If you don’t back up at all?
Below are easy ways to backup your Windows and, or Mac computer

Keep in mind the Windows and Mac Backup solutions below. If you don’t remove your backups and store them in a safe place, they can be stolen or destroyed by fire, floods, or other natural or man-made disasters.

Windows Backup

On your Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 computers, a backup program creates a backup of your data on your hard drive. It’s in your control panel and will back up your computer data to an external hard drive. In Windows 7, you left-click on the start button on the bottom left of your monitor, then left-click on “control panel,” then click on “System and security,” and now click on “Backup and Restore.” At this point, click on the “setup backup” link to the right of the box; now, you click on the external hard drive you want to back up to and click on “next.” In the “Review, your backup setting” window, click “Save settings and run backup,” and you’re done.

On Windows 8.1 and 10, after you plug in your external hard drive to your computer, you left-click the white window icon on the bottom left of your screen and then left-click on the Settings icon, which looks like a gear.

Then, you click on the “Update and Security ” button at the bottom of the window. On the left of the window, click “Backup,” on the right, you will need to left-click “+ Add a drive.” Click on your external hard drive, and you’re done. You can use other storage devices like NAS (Network Attached Storage) Server and other network devices.


Mac’s Time Machine BackupBest Laptop Shop! BUSINESS SERVICES for server, desktop and laptop repair services


McIntosh or Mac computers have a straightforward and robust backup solution, and it’s called Time Machine. It is straightforward to start and configure. All you do is plug in an external hard drive and wait a moment. Then a window (pictured above) will open and ask, “Do you want to use (Name of Your backup Drive) to back up with Time Machine Backup?” you click on “Use as Backup Disk,” and you’re done. Time Machine will back up your user library data folders, programs, and settings.

You can also use other devices like NAS (Network Attached Storage) Server or another online storage device. So if your Mac hard drive dies, all you have to do is get your Mac repaired with a new drive or get a new Mac if need be, and you can restore from your Time Machine backup, and you are back in business just like you were before the problem.

If you need your data, we recommend this to our business and personal customers.

Truly a Dependable Off-Site Cloud Backup Solution! Crash Plan Backup Service

So, to start, we have used many off-site cloud backup solutions, and we found that they are not all created equal. The one that we have been recommending to our customers for years and using ourselves for our business and personal use is Crash Plan Backup Service.

We have no connection or affiliation with them, and if you click on the hyperlink, we don’t get any money. We will recommend them until we find something better. Crash Plan has several reasons why we use and recommend them:

  • Free 30-Day Trial: You can use their service to see if you like it without giving them a credit card number.
  • HIPA Compliant: Your data is encrypted from when it leaves your computer and is also encrypted while on the cloud servers. Doctors and Medical facilities can use this service to back up their patients’ data.
  • Backups in Layers: If you have an Excel spreadsheet or a QuickBooks database on Monday that is corrupt and will not open, but it worked great last Friday, all you have to do is log in to your Crash Plan account and download it from Friday’s backup, and you are up and running.
  • You can use your mobile device to retrieve your data.
  • It will backup to an external hard drive simultaneously as the cloud backup.
  • Truly Unlimited Storage: No storage limits, no bandwidth throttling, and no excuses.
  • Varied Plans for Business and Personal Use: You can install Crash Plan on your servers, workstations, and personal computers so you will retain all your data. 

This is just some brief instructions on how to backup if you don’t know how and an alternative for dependable cloud off-site backups. If you have any questions about this post, email us at info@ballardcomputer.com or go to https://ballardcomputer.com, and we will be happy to answer them.

Solid State Drive vs Hard Disk Drive

Solid State Drive vs Hard Disk Drive

Solid State Drive VS Hard Drive Disk

Which is better, “Solid State Drives vs Hard Disk Drives” for upgrading MAC and PC’s Laptop, Desktop, or Business Servers? Not sure which is better for you? Here is a guide to hard drive information for laptops, desktop computers, or servers. 

Which is better for MAC and PC?

Consider the boot time, lifespan, recovery time, storage, reduce noise, etc. Decide if upgrading your laptop, desktop computers, or server is for you. Thanks to advanced technology, the Harddrive industry The SSD is better as well as more affordable. Here are a few reasons why Ballard Computer has installed hundreds of SSD into MAC and PC Desktop, Laptops, etc.  This information is to educate, so you can decide if this computer upgrade is for you.

Solid State Drive vs Hard Disk Drive infographic illustration

Solid State Drive VS Hard Disk Drive

This Guide to help bridge the gap of all the basic different Hard Drives Available for the most popular MAC and PC Computer Systems. Feel free to share and Save on your website.

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36419786 ssd vs hdd all m.2 and ssd and desktop hdd recovered scaled Solid State Drive vs Hard Disk Drive
cd318470 demo hdd inside750x750 scaled Solid State Drive vs Hard Disk Drive

What is HDD?

HDD stands for “Hard Disk Drive ” MAC and PC users are composed of layers of fast-spinning disks that hover over each other writing and reading of the ones and zeros. These disks are packed securely in a hard case of metal casting. 


Hard disk drives are highly sensitive and should be kept in a cool place free of shocks, spills, strong magnetic forces and should not be dropped for will destabilize the internal spinning of the drive. Causing errors and can be fatal to the drive. 


For decades the HDD has been the primary form of data storage for both Laptop and Desktop and servers. Great for performance and storage. That is why it is hard for consumers to make the decision to change to the SSD alternative. 

d7f6ecc5 ssd for desktop and laptops mac and pcbanner Solid State Drive vs Hard Disk Drive

What is SSD?


SSD stands for “Solid State Drive ” MAC and PC users can also use the fast drive in desktops, Laptops, and Servers. The name says what is a Solid State for no moving parts so that is why it’s less vulnerable to damage the HDD. However, an SSD should not be dropped if possible. A strong magnet will not hurt the drive unless the magnet manages to conduct an electric current. 


Over the last decade the SSD advanced technology and the drop in the marketplace, these drives are very popular for the speed it delivers. The process can keep up with the commands on both a MAC and PC computer devices. The speed is very noticeable on file transfers and boot times. The simple design of a rectangle outside metal casing with a set of memory chips can be seen on the outside.  

The storage of data capacity isn’t as good as the HDD. 

M.2 SSD image Solid State Drive vs Hard Disk Drive

What is M.2? 


M.2 is a Type of SSD. The M.2 has no casing like an SSD. Not to be mistaken that all M.2’s are the same for they are different in size and shape per different branding.

MAC M.s are different in shape and size, because of the different motherboard manufacturers. When purchasing M.2 SSD It’s a critical step knowing which type M.2 is compatible with your motherboard.  

What is PCI-e 4.0

AMD released the PCL-e for motherboards X570 motherboards for Ryzen CPU. However, they are expensive. 

e4980064 apple m.2 Solid State Drive vs Hard Disk Drive

SSD and HHD Availability, Price and Average Capacity


HDD with an average capacity of 500GB and 4 TB. Choosing a value-oriented supplier. Usually average about $.022 per gigabyte. (almost two cents per gigabyte) 3 TB HDD on average $66.00 or less. And are so available in the marketplace and have been the preferred HDD for decades. 

SSD In the past, you’re lucky to find an SSD In comparison, it is 25 cents a gigabyte with storage of 120 GB and 2 TB. Equals a dollar for 4 gigabytes. But, since the advanced technology of NAND, a value-priced SSD can be found at 10 cents a gigabyte. There were stocking issues with the SSD, but they are now more accessible and helps to make it more affordable.

Speed, Noise, and Vibration

SSD – Typically between 200-550 MB/s read/write speeds SSD and M.2 have no moving parts, so there is no noise, no vibration. HDD – Typically between 80-160 MB/s read/write speeds with some humming from the vibration is noticeable on some HDDs but over time may get very loud because of age or degrading of the device.

Reliability, Lifespan, and Recovery

With the advanced technology, the SSD in now warrantied 10 years with minimal problems. Specialized, professional software is needed to recover data. The average battery life of 5:48 when on a laptop.

HDD it’s easier to recover data from an HDD and software is also needed. The biggest issues with the disk drive.are the fast-spinning disk that hovers over each other. Held in a case for stability. The arm with a head that reads and writes hitting on the platters causing corruption on the disk, is the biggest issue with the moving parts. The average battery life of 5:16 when in a laptop









Are You Vulnerable to Viruses?

Are You Vulnerable to Viruses?

Are You Vulnerable to Viruses?

Are You Vulnerable to Ransomware and Malicious Viruses? Protecting your Computer from Ransomware and Malicious Viruses There are people out there looking to create as much havoc as they can using malicious programs. Whether it is for financial gain or simply for love of chaos, whatever their reason for creating these harmful programs they are out there. Are You Vulnerable to Viruses? Consequently, we are all vulnerable to an attack, but there are ways we can protect ourselves and our data?

Protecting your Computer from Ransomware and Malicious Viruses

Handsome ware can be installed by just landing on the wrong website. Programers promoting ransomware will make a website that looks like a site you’re interested in the website so you click to see it. Instantly your computer is making noises or your antivirus is screaming at you to get off the site. If you have any suspicion about the site or need help call your trusted computer repair lab like Ballard Computer to get help right away. RAndsome ware has fallen to the best of companies holding them hostage for ransom. Without a good back up of your data, there is often no recourse to not pay the ransom amount. But, if you have your data backed up you’re in the sweet spot to getting your data and no Ransome ware payment will be needed.  Do I have a reliable back up system? Protect yourself and call BallareComputer to get answers to your question. Is my network secure?

Are You Vulnerable to Viruses like Malicious Viruses?

Usually unsuspecting invasion of your computer. Downloading that coupon to save some money. Downloading a game, or a recipe. These are a few ways to get a little more than you agreed upon with the download. Once your computer has the virus it starts phoning home and communicating with other malicious activities in other countries. The US has no jurisdiction and can not help if they take all the money in your account down to the last penny. That is why updating your antivirus daily is the best protection. However, it is not always known to the antivirus companies of this virus. The virus might be new and no program has been written to combat this particular string of viruses. So the virus has the connection to other computers and now starts to do malicious things in the background taking up your valuable space on your hard drive for their pleasure. And will start to overwrite your precious data if it needs the space to grow. Symptoms of a computer that has a Virus, Slow to start, slow to save documents or images, etc, Multiple error messages. Antivirus is not able to do the latest updates.

The first step is basic and that is to make sure the firewall is enabled within your computer and keep your antivirus up to date daily before you start your internet searches. This is not expensive Windows 10 includes windows defender, it is free and regularly updated. Just click “update now” when it is offered, ensuring you have the most updated version available. Moreover, in addition to these steps, we should back up system in place and back up your system regularly. Data storage options include storing the info in the cloud, an external hard drive, a USB or in a file on another computer and account.

Nevertheless, even the most prudent among us can fall victim to these malicious programs, but a few reminders to limit your exposure may prove beneficial. Such as don’t click on links sent in an email, this is especially true of email from unknown sources. You may also want to confirm links from known sources, a common tool used by these jerks is hacking into your contacts list to give you a false sense of security. Sweet Aunt Betty would never send you a link full of malicious, destructive malware, but a hacker using her name will.

 A few other suggestions to help protect your computer:

Use strong passwords, using a simple sequence of numbers such 12345678 or the word password, for your password is not protecting your data it is an open invitation. Another dangerous practice is using the same password and username on multiple sites if a hacker cracks one this practice can allow them to access all your accounts. Your password should be at least 8 characters long, also the use of simple phrases, separated by symbols or underscore such as Dogs#sleep#&@alot make easier to remember passwords, or better yet there is a Low-cost service called LastPass that will create strong passwords and store them for you. This is a great service, you are required only to remember your LastPass Username and passcode,

Do you download Movies?

Hackers are getting into your computer through downloads. Only if you know the source should you download anything to your computer? They are hidden and go undetectable using up your computer speed and computer data storage. Protect yourself from these types of controlled virus mishaps. Check out this article Where Game of  Thrones downloaded more than just a movie. By Harry Petit.


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Hard Drive Recovery.

Hard Drive Recovery.

Hard Drive Recovery.

Hard Drive Recovery A computer system is a combination of analog and a digital gadget which is used to compute intricate mathematical problems. It is generally a programmable electronic gadget which carries out high speed logical and mathematical operations. The primary function of a computer is to carry out recurring procedures rapidly.

External Hard Drive Repair

The computer hard drive is divided into different drives. Customization for the person and their needs. Put usually divided into 2 sections; one is hardware and the other is the software application.

The hard drive is what we call hardware. The programs installed is called software. Your Data saved on the hard drive is software. The CPU, input, memory and output device. Nowadays taking a look at the huge uses of computer individuals are using a computer at their workplaces and in your homes for working along with entertainment functions.

USB Drive Recovery

It is extremely tedious to fix one’s computer and to fix as fast as possible. Most computer owners do not like to be without their Computer. But proper diagnosis is vital to a speedy computer recovery.· USB Drive Recovery or from your external hard drives is still possible to revive the old data.

The service technicians must understand how to repair these different computer systems. He needs to follow those Basic Computer Repairing guidelines to fix a troubleshooting computer successfully.

Computer Maintenance 

Computer Checkup- As we all understand that ‘prevention is constantly better than cure’. Ballard Computer will look at your computer system and remove any malware or corrupted files, and spyware we find. Spyware, Malware and Computer viruses too. Look at the patch files and ultimately speed up your computer.

Nowadays looking at the vast usages of computer individuals are utilizing a computer at their offices and at homes for working as well as entertainment purposes.

Custom Upgrades- Solid State Hard Drive

Installing a Solid State Hard drive that has no moving parts. The performance from this one upgrade you will love your computer even more. Ask us how we can help you with your computer and tell us your goals and we will make it happen.

Missing Data Files

Missing files such as your pictures, home movies, documents, emails, and music files. These are such precious memories we do not want to ever be without. But it happens! A hard drive will not work forever. It will at some point fail. But Ballard Computer has several solutions to this problem.

First of all, make your data save automatically in several places. The cloud, a backup on an external drive Or back your data up with a family member on their computer that has extra space. A Computer that can back up your data automatically and is at a different address.

Mirrored Hard Drives

Installing 2 hard drives in your system they are duplicate of each other and when one goes the other is the backup. Very simple to just install a new hard drive and your back up and running in no time at all.

There are many more solutions to your problem. Just call us and let us guide you in making your computer help you achieve your goals.

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